Sights and Sounds of Soccer

Heard from the sidelines:
Go Sharks!
Kick it, kick the ball!
No,no... the OTHER way!
Good job!
I've got it!
Heard from the field:

Mom, I'm thirsty!
My legs are tired.
Did we bring a chair?
Look at the flower!
My head is hot.
Can I bring a pillow next week?
I kicked the ball!
I'm hungry.
Can I take a break?

Can I have my snack now?

We, the Sharks, lost our first game with a score of 5-2. It was clear from the first whistle that the other team knew what they were doing. Our team was easily confused and distracted. I was completely okay with that, however many of the dads were not. The snacks were barely passed out when one of the dads started talking with the other dads about changing the practice time so HE could be there and therefore *help* with the coaching and skill practice. Other dads nodded in agreement, their competitive nature was peeking out. Scott was already promising to practice skills with Annelise two extra evenings at home. I kept reminding him that she's FOUR and we just want her to have fun. She didn't even know her team lost, she was thrilled with the little plastic bottle of Kool-Aid (cringe) and a bag of Cheese Nips. That's the spirit!


  1. That's dads for you!! I'm just glad that A. is having fun (with her kool-aid and all!) I'd just love to be a fly on the wall to hear all of the kid's talking. I'm sure if Ashlyn were playing, she'd stop to look at a bug or something--hee, hee!)

  2. LOVE the pic of A piggy-back on Scott!!!!! I'm totally with you on letting the kids have FUN...they are four, for PEte's Sake!!!

  3. Awww, I remember those days, watching ALL of the kids chase the ball down the field. Four year olds don't have any idea about positions, they just go where the ball goes...too cute!

    Glad Annelise is having a good time with it. She's darling!

  4. Great pictures, Holly! It looks so beautiful out. I love that picture of A. on her dads' back. good job, photobird! :)

  5. Wow! I have lived that same soccer game. Just a few years back when my kids were that age (now 10 & 12, sniff, sniff. . .)

  6. This is so funny, 4 year olds playing soccer is one of my favorite things to watch. I love how their personalities are so honest and obvious. It's crazy for the dads to get hyper about the skill level at this age, it's all about fun.

  7. Annelise looks so cute in her outfit. Darn it, those dad's need to calm down! But I'm glad that she didn't even notice! Cute post!


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