That's The Sound Of The Men Working On The Chain...

Not chain gang but chain LETTER.
This arrived in our mailbox yesterday. See?

It's a chain letter for a kids' book exchange. Have you ever participated in one of these?

Over the years I have received chain letters from time to time for everything from recipes to underwear. Yes, underwear. And yes, I broke the chain on that one. Shiver. One time I got one for flip flops and I actually bought a pair, mailed them along with 6 other letters, and patiently waited for my 36 pairs of flip flops to arrive.

Yeah, I'm still waiting.

Back to this kids' book exchange. My friend Lacie sent this to me and I am guessing she sent letters to the other mom's in my little circle of friends. Since it involves books, especially books for kidlets, I would like to participate. However, I need 6 people to send a letter to.(Do I sound pitiful or what?) So, I thought I would ask my dear netpeeps. That includes you!

Would you like to participate in a children's book exchange? (Please, oh please?) If so, leave me a comment and email me your address and I will send you a copy of the letter. Won't this be fun? Yessirree!

Anyone? Bueller...Bueller...


  1. Chain letters make me anxious. Too much pressure or something. But I love kids books!!!

  2. Not Me. . .I did the one Tasha A. sent, the same one Jill did - I sent my books and passed on the letter, now I'm STILL waiting for my kids to get their books. . .STILL!

    I'm all about Good Mail but chain letters, not so much!

  3. Uh-oh...now I'm scared Natasha! I remember you and Jill doing one--I'm sorry you're still waiting!!

    Well, I'm still willing to play along if anyone else is. I'll try to be a positive thinker! :)

  4. Bring it on, Holly!
    I tend to be "child-like" in my trust of others. Not such a bad thing, but sometimes I get burned...but I am willing to have a go with you if you decide to do this! :)

  5. Wow, chain letters still exist??! Who knew!

    Sounds like a great idea . . . afterall, who DOESN'T like sharing their favorite kids books? . . . BUT, people just don't follow through on these things - kinda like the friendship dough stuff that grows and grows and grows and you just have to throw away because you can't find anyone who bakes bread from scratch anymore!

  6. My faith in humanity is being bashed with all of this negativity! But let's see, I've broken the recipe chain, flip flop chain (hope that wasn't the same one you were part of, Holly!), the sock chain, etc. Thank goodness no one thought to include me in an underwear chain!

    Now the book chain, I think I could actually do, but my youngest is 9 and I imagine these will be books for smaller children? What do you think?

    I'll participate if you think she is the right age for it.


  7. I wondered about the age thing to--if it all balances out, but I think it must since you write your child's age at the top next to his/her name...so the person buying can choose an age appropriate book. Does that make sense?

    Chain letters make me lose faith in humanity too a bit--when they fall apart--but I'm still optimistic.

    Rhonda: I'd love to have you join in if you want to take a chance :) and think the age thing will work out.

    Amy: Thanks for being game too!

    Anyone else???

  8. I think this is a fun exchange, but just got done participating in it myself so I'm fresh out of people to send it on to.


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