Tiny Talk Tuesday

In an effort to better document some of the funny sayings and deep thoughts that spring forth from my four year old daughter's brain, I am participating for the first time in the Tiny Talk Tuesday blog carnival.

So yesterday afternoon Annelise and I are in the race against the clock to get ready for dance class. This race happens every week, and the clock always wins. You would think I would learn, right? Um, nope. A. pops into the bathroom before we wrestle into tights and leotard.

Soon, from atop the potty mind you, I hear, "Mom!"

Me, "What sweetie?"

A., "You know what?"

Me, "Hmm?" (Only halfway paying attention because the clock is ticking madly away.)

A., "Easter is NOT about the eggs, it's about Jesus." (Said in serious, almost severe tone.)

Me, "Oh, you are so right sweetie."

Suddenly, I am not so concerned about the ticking clock, but overwhelmed with happiness that 4 year olds do listen after all.

Although I don't think she will boycott the hunting of candy filled eggs. That's okay too.

To read more pearls of wisdom from the mouths of our younguns, pop over to Tiny Talk Tuesday. Thanks for hosting Mary!


  1. Oh, too sweet. You've certainly taught her well, haven't you!

  2. Sweet Sweet! You are definitely doing something right! I love the Tiny Talk Tuesday idea. I just jumped in on Wordless Wdnesday.

    My kids always get a white chocolate cross fro Easter and this year I found chocolate prayer hands too. I had to get them for Griffin, he is always getting onto Luci for not "doing prayer hands" when we pray.

  3. Welcome to TTT! Your four year old is such a cutie. I love this age as their mind opens up and begins to comprehend just a little more.

    We have ballet on Tuesdays, so I understand that mad rush. What a great time to just slow down though, huh? Yep, ballet will be there!

    God bless! Thanks for participating!


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