The WW Report: Week 3 Begins

I must take a moment to document my journey on this thing called Weight Watchers. I hope to post about my experiences weekly as a record of my successes, my not-so-great weeks, and I Think This Scale MUST Be Broken moments.

Join me for the ups and downs, won't you?

This morning was my weekly weigh-in. I try to only weigh once a week, before the meeting. Weighing on that scale feels a little different, I guess because you are paying for it. I was hoping to have lost 3 pounds or so, but since I hadn't exercised I wasn't sure what the scale would say. Speaking of a scale, that is one powerful tool isn't it? It holds a lot of power over my self-esteem and mood, even though I try not to give it that power. Anyway. The lady recorded my numbers, but didn't tell me the result. I didn't look at my booklet either because I wanted it to be a surprise when the awards are given. Imagine my COMPLETE GLEE when the meeting leader called out my name at the end of the meeting with the words "...five pound award for a total of 7 pounds overall." Somehow, just by watching my points and food choices, I managed to lose 6 pounds this week!! Pause for quick happy dance. I will ride the euphoria for a while, but I know it's mainly my body adjusting to this new change. Each week will be different, and probably a lot less. My goal is to stay positive whatever the scale reads. Ahem.

While I ended up having a successful week, I still don't feel like everything has come together completely. The first week included our trip to Savannah, otherwise known as Eat Til You Drop, and then last week I had the Seal Cough action going on and shallow lung capacity, so no running or other exercise. I am trying to follow my points fairly close and make better food choices/substitutions. Here are some things that are working for me:

~Kashi granola bars and crackers
~Dannon Light and Fit Smoothies and Activia yogurt
~Throwing out a starter of Amish Friendship Bread. I hated to do it, but I knew I would be terribly tempted to eat it all.
~Drinking a lot of water, often with Crystal Light Mix-Ins
~Lean Cuisines for lunch
~Sugar-Free Jello pudding snacks(While not a bowl of Blue Bell, it still helps tame my sweet tooth.)
~More fruit and salads
~Progresso Light Soup is smokin'! It's tasty and low in points. Somewhat redeeming after a splurge or heavier meal.
~Eating out less
~Dark chocolate in severe moderation
~Twizzlers have been fun because they are low in points and take a while to chew.

I still have not tried any WW recipes, but I plan to soon. I also hope to feel up to exercising this week, maybe even go for a run (gasp).

So...I start Week 3 with hopes of continuing weight loss, even if it is small. I need to prepare myself mentally for the fluctuations and plateaus that are sure to come, but I am trying to be committed and optimistic. That's the plan at least.

Have you tried WW? Any favorite recipes or tips? What is your favorite (healthier) treat?How do you feel about the SCALE?
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  1. I am so happy for you! I was just telling Steve this morning that I am thinking about doing WW. I have never done that one. My Mother has lots of success with it, and another friend of mine lots 80 lbs. and kept it off for years.

    I'm not doing well with the no-sugar thing. But I think I would be o.k. with sugar in moderation. (Moderation? What's that??)

    Anywho... I'm glad it's working for you. You know that being sick increased your metabolism, too. :)

  2. I've never tried ww but might consider it now. :) WOO HOO, good for you! Way to get off to an awesome start!

  3. WW is a great program, and you're doing fantastic! I'm looking forward to next week's update:)

  4. Holly...
    good girl! Just think how it will get even better when you are regularly running!!
    Have you gone to blogs.weightwatchen.com?
    I have lurked there before...I have never done WW myself, but my father and sister have. My fav snack from a ww person was frozen grapes. I take grapes and put them in individual servings (a full snack size baggie) and freeze. It is wonderful! Try it!

  5. You are going to do so great! I lost 30 lbs. on WW a year ago, and it was the best thing I ever did. I no longer count points, but I am always conscious about making good food choices.

    My favorite summertine snack was a sugar cone! You know the brown ice cream cones that are shaped like a tee-pee? They had really low points, 2 I think. So I would take one of those and then take a big spoonful of ice cream and shove it in the cone...it would fill the cone up, I would eat it and feel like I had just had an entire ice cream cone. I also ate those flat wraps, I think they are made by Kangaroo and some by Flat Out. I would fill those up with a lot of lettuce/veggies and just a smidge of lunch meat and it was a 1 or 2 point lunch.

  6. I am sooooo happy for you! WW had definitely worked for me (I stress the word, 'worked' because I have not been following it lately and have not been doing so good. Anyway, you are definitely my inspiration to get back on the WW wagon because I know IT WORKS!
    Some of my fave WW snack choices were Fiber One bars, Fiber One cereal and yogurt (yes, I am definitely a fan of the Fiber One family of products), string cheese and V8 juice (1 serving equals 2 servings of vegetables for low points). I can't even think of all the things I used to do, because sadly I'm out of the loop.

    BTW, I noticed your wrought-iron decoration on your post below is EXACTLY like the one over my fireplace. Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby!

  7. Let's hear a BIG WOO HOO for Holly!!!!! I am so proud of you! I'm glad we are on the adventure together and can keep each other going. Thanks for the Kashi tips...HEB here I come!

  8. I went to HEB today!! I am all loaded up on Kashi! Next week....something better come off!! HA!

  9. I'm so excited for more support out there in the blogosphere.

    Holly - when are we going to run a race together? What states do you still need?

  10. You go Hollie!Your on a roll! When you start running the weight will be melting off!

  11. Thanks for the encouragement y'all!

    Chloe: I basically have all of the states to do (still) except for Maine and Texas. It's expensive for our whole family to travel to the race, but we'd like to plan a few to do together. I might have to start planning to go to some on my own. We'll see, I definitely need to get some on the calendar or they'll never happen!

  12. Good job!

    Also I had to smile about the BlueBell icecream. My husband and all his TX friends swear it is the best stuff invented. Someday I'll drop in for a bowl!

  13. The 3 Muskateers Dark Chocolate Mint candy bars are only 3 points each and sinfully yummy!

    I am seriously impressed with your loss and willpower!

  14. oh girl! your meal plan looks a lot like mine!!!

    i decided i wanted to slim down a little after the holidays. i've only dropped 2 or 3 pounds... that's not so great. but then i started thinking about how much a pound is.
    when i think about it in terms of hunks of ground beef, then i'm YAY for 2 or 3 pounds gone! that's a lotta meat.


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