Nothing Gets Past Me. Maybe.

Yippee! It's my turn to play goalie.

I better squat down and be ready to stop the ball.

I'm your girl. My eyes are on the ball. You betcha.*

*Bless this little goalie's easily distracted heart! Somewhere in between all the digging and daydreaming she DID manage to block a goal though.


  1. She's absolutely adorable!

    She'll just die when she's the MVP for her high school team and you dig out these shots to show how far she's come! :)

  2. Oh how I remember those days!!
    Too cute!

  3. Classic! I love how kids do this. I wonder what they think they're out there for?

  4. HA! This reminded me of when Max was the same age and played outfield in t-ball. He layed down on the grass and yelled that he was bored. I love little-kid-sports.

  5. She's so cute! One of my favorite things about kids sports is watching them like this.

    When you get a chance, I have something for you on my blog...

  6. Oh, Jane used to be the same way. She was always the last kid when they were running after the ball. So cute!

  7. I love it~ Their attention span at this age is so short but their intentions are good- It is so cute...and so good for me to learn self control and patience as I watch Trey. She looks adorable in her little uniform!

  8. Tell sweet A that I was a daydreamer also....I was playing softball and was stuck out in the outfield...I enjoyed picking flowers, looking at bugs....

    Looks like she is more of an athlete than I was....we didn't sign me up again !;)

  9. So sweet!

    My Luci is 7 and she STILL turns her back to the game to twirl her hair, etc.

  10. Holly, she is a keeper for sure :) Love your little "Ahem" before the adorable last picture...

    Oh! And your pantry looks awesome!

  11. so cute! i met my best friend on a soccer field- we were certainly not focused on the ball, but we had a good time. :)


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