13.55 Miles Actually, But Who's Counting?

That would be me.

And the other runners who used their Garmins. Maybe Angie was Half Crazy when she mapped out the course, or someone pulled a late April Fool's prank, but the route ended up a tad on the LONG side. Oops.

Since this was my first race since January and I was going into it considering 4.5 miles to be a long training run, these feet were a bit nervous Sunday morning.

I carried my cell phone in the pocket of my Fuel Belt so I could get a few shots during the race.

Well, I took a total of two.

Turns out, as the race went on, I had no desire to mess with taking pictures. Sorry. Since the race was practically in my backyard, along some of our training routes, I was a little bored by the scenery. I had an actual inkling of taking a picture of NASA/JSC as I trotted by, but then I got over it.

The Good:
Local race. Very well organized and supported for being an inaugural event. Aid stations had water, Gatorade, oranges, pretzels, Jolly Ranchers and oreos. A few stations had cold sponges which were so refreshing. Friendly, excited volunteers. Nice BLING that included a colorful finisher's medal, technical shirt, sport bottle and race bag. Free massages after. Festive post race party with music and BBQ. My body remembered what to do and I ran without any issues.

The Borderline Not So Good:
It was warm and humid, but you can't control that. I poured water down the back of my neck and used the cold sponges at some of the aid stations. The ice cold towel handed to me as I crossed the finish line was so delightful, I briefly considered marrying it. Even though the course ended up being over 13.1, that was okay. I can say that now, of course, at the time...not so much.

Overall I had a great race experience. I feel jazzed about running again...and plan to talk more about it, so stay tuned.


  1. Congratulations! I would not be happy about that extra .45 miles--at 13, every extra step counts as far as I am concerned! Good job and I can't wait for more running posts!

  2. Great job, as usual!! :) Missed ya Sunday!

  3. Hooray for a good event! Sounds like you're getting your groove back. :) Maybe you should challenge yourself to an event someplace not so humid . . . come on up to Seattle for a BIG change in everything - we have some great races out here (not that I've entered them myself just yet, but my husband says a half here is MUCH better than a half in the South!

  4. Great job! I love your running skirt! I'm thinking about getting some skirts for myself.

  5. Great job... My friend ran in her first 5K in Utah this Saturday. You guys are so inspirational. I have to get out there and go for it!

  6. facing down my first 10K this weekend, i know for a fact an extra .45 could possibly put me over the edge!! way to go!!

  7. WAY TO GO!!! I'm proud of you Holly!

  8. YOu are wonder woman! I am so inspired by your determination and frequency of your races - very admirable! I keep trying to get out again to excercise, but kept getting sick and the snow as too much. Last week I got out two days and today I walked. I am starting my routine again this week, trying to excercise every day! I even went out and bought some outfits for running! Thank you for being such a great example - especially your dedication!

  9. Awesome! You look so happy in the thumbs up photo! Sounds like their were great little perks to this race. Thanks for being inspiring!

  10. Awesome job Holly!! I loved getting to see you cross the finish line. You did fabulous!

  11. Good for you! There is no way I would be thinking about pictures during a 13 mile run either!

  12. A big congratulations to you are in order!!!

    I ran today for the first time. I've always wanted to take up running but now I'm not so sure. I'm not gonna quit though...at least not yet!

    I wrote about it today and would love to hear your thoughts about running...i.e., how long it took you to really feel good about it, how far did you run at first, etc.

    Maybe someday I'll be crossing that finish line!?!

  13. Congrats on another great race!!

  14. Way to go, super runner! Congrats on another big success!

  15. so awesome. i love that you do so many half marathons- it's a fantastic distance and you have a cool goal. :) tell us more!!!


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