A Green Random Act of Kindness

LOOK! Can you guess what this is? (Besides the two pink Crocs up in the air. That was A. climbing head first into her seat.) Yep, it's a whole lotta green in the back of our SUV. Last Thursday I decided, as I approached the checkout lanes at HEB, that I would invest in a few reusable shopping totes. After reading so many green themed SPTs and making greener pledges of my own, I figured the moment had come.

HEB sells them for .99 each, since I had a cart full of groceries I grabbed 5. One of the managers was helping to sack groceries in my lane when she noticed the bags. She told the checker to scan a coupon. Guess what? I got my reusable bags for FREE and I am helping our overworked planet.

That was so nice of her! I was prepared to buy them anyway, but FREE is just a bit sweeter. Thank you HEB!

These totes really do hold a lot of grub. I also like that they have large handles to carry them over your shoulder if needed. All in all, I ended up only using 4 plastic bags instead of 20. That felt good! And a bit greener.

Hmmm...is composting in my future? A worm farm?


  1. Holly way to go! I think I will skip into our HEB and see if I can't do the same! Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. I almost bought some of those bags at HEB the other day but thought I'd wait to spend the money. Cheap, huh? I should have...next time I go I'm asking for a coupon. HA HA!

  3. How nice of the manager... Love the crocs going over the seat!

  4. hey, I bought some of those too. but I had to pay for them! :) and I just ordered some like lacie's too. I can't wait til they get here. those 20 or more plastic bags drive me crazy!!

    love the pink crocs in the air! :)

  5. score! heb rocks. :) i so need to get some reusable bags. so sad that i had biodegradable doggie poop bags and yet i'm still using plastic shopping bags!

  6. All of the SPTs last week have gotten me motivated too!

    These bags look bigger than most...it does look like you can fit alot into them.

    Gonna do some flower planting huh. I've been planting and planting and planting and I'm still not done. Hopefully I'll finish mine up on Tuesday...hopefully!

  7. Nice to see them in action. I've actually kind of considered them. I may look for some today...

  8. I LOVE those bags - I've been using them regularly for a few months now. I'm hoping my husband will catch on and use them, too (you'd think he would since I actually put 2 in his car!!). Not only are they sturday and limit the amount of bags hanging around the house, but they cut down on the number of trips back and forth from the car to the house when you get home to unload the groceries - a TRUE gift to moms and their kids!

    Happy Green! :)

  9. so great!!
    I have been meaning to buy those bags.....
    I love random acts of kindness!

    Composting? worm farm?- wow holly!
    Actually my husband said we should get a composter black box thing- just last week. WE're meaning to do that to....

  10. Hahaha--I know less than my pinky nail's worth about composting--but it sounds interesting--yet smelly!

    I did see a blurb on Oprah last week about composting and worm farms.

    Baby steps!

  11. Holly, there's a wonderful invention called the backyard composter. It's small, and fits our kitchen trash. It comes with recipes for compost, and we totally love ours. We've had it for years and get lots of use out of it. It's at www.composttumbler.com. I know I sound like an advertisement, but we've really used ours, and when I throw away rotten food, I don't feel so bad.

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