It Just May Not Be In The Cards For Me

I am beginning to think I am never going to have an ideal pedicure experience. Remember the last time I went? I am in no way a Pedi Diva. The spa like frills are nice, on occasion, but I am happy with the basics. This includes, but is not limited to, a semi-peaceful environment where I can escape into my book while my feet are cutsied up and my back is massaged by the chair. Simple really.

Cell phones and small children should be turned off.

Personal conversations should be reserved, for shall we say, a more personal environment.

Cell phones aside, today's episode involves something else. After my feet, it was time to adjourn to the waxing room for a brow and, yes, lip wax. The nice lady seemed quite concerned about how I was feeling. I replied, "Oh, fine thanks." She continued to stare at me and then asked...

wait for it

"How far along are you?" all the while making vague circles around her abdomen.

In the words of Gary Coleman AGAIN, "Whatchu talkin' about Willis?"

I laughed it off* and replied, "Oh, hahaha (through gritted teeth), I'm not...you must be thinking of someone else."

Of course she then apologized and said she had confused me with another client. WhatEVAH.

And then rrrip...she pulled off the wax strips.

*I am choosing to believe she really did confuse me with someone else, because HELLO, I am on WW and I lost .6 pounds last week.


  1. !!!!!!

    I hope you didn't tip her!

  2. Yes. I was also going to say NO TIP!

  3. HA! Great story. I would have tipped her off with a nice backhand... or an accidental front kick, since she was "in the way". You know how it is. *B

  4. No way!

    I had that happen to me once and I wanted to die. DIE!

    You own that .6 Holly!

  5. You crack me up....I can't believe that. No tip for you!

  6. Jaw on the floor... You SO DO NOT look pg!!! In fact you look quite trim! I love the way you painted the picture of your experience!

  7. YOU GO GIRL. She did not know you are a runner. or as she would say......you runner? You run fast? You not run pregnant. OK?

  8. Such a question is about as anti-relaxing as one can get. Your telling of it here is highly amusing. I live in fear that someone will ask me.

  9. Next time you're there, do the same thing to her. Then ask her how she likes it.

    You look great. Ignore stupid pedicure ladies.

  10. So funny....I love your "whatEVAH"...it happens to the best of us, even our best effort with fitness and diet don't seem to stop the inconsiderate, untactful, ignorance of what YOU SHOULD NOT ASK A PERSON! And as if the comment didn't sting enough, to then rip the wax off right afterward....UGH! Keep on, keepin on Holly! :)

  11. So people can be so rude and DUMB! Brush it off and stay on track. I am sure you look great and being positive is part of the process. .6 is something to be proud of, just remember that!

  12. Some people have absolutely no social skills. You look fabulous and to ask a stranger if they are pregnant is the kiss of death. Especially as has already been noted, if you are expecting to be tipped. Definitely find a new place.

  13. W-H-A-T????!!!! NO WAY!!!

    last year at my grandpa's funeral a lady from my granny's church asked me if I was my 36 yr old cousin's MOTHER!!!!!

  14. Ouch. Definitely no tip for her!


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