It's A Slippery Slope

Of soccer snacks.

Each family takes a turn bringing a drink and a snack for after practices and games. Scott and I are constantly amazed at what *snacks* are provided. What are these parents thinking? What do these kidlets eat at home? Here are some of the more memorable selections:

~Juice bags with apple slices. This was okay-ish. To me though, if you have juice, maybe you should have something from the cracker family. Am I crazy?

~Kool-Aid in little plastic bottles with Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. Yes.

~Juice bags with 3 FEET of *fruit* roll up. Annelise had never even seen that before.

~Juice with Rice Krispie treats.

Oh the humanity.

So, Scott has declared what we will bring for snack when it's our turn...

I think it will be a hit.
What do you think?


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love Scott's idea! The other parents would probably think he was a genuis!!! My favorite healthy snack was the Kool-aid with Swiss Rolls! I wonder how many points that would be!!!

  2. Oh sheesh. What's wrong with some apple slices, cheese sticks and crackers?! Come on people! Good thing they just finished practice... *B

  3. But you don't want to be the parent that all the kids are bummed out about. Total kid pressure.

  4. so i hope that you're planning to provide the whole gammet for each child. :) that would rock.
    3 FEET?!

  5. OH, I hear you. It is so sad that the only good kids' snacks these days are just plain fruit. Any actual man made snack is totally packed with sugar. But like Jessica said, the kids will hate you if you bring something too nutritious.

  6. ***deer in the headlights***

    I took moon pies and Kool Aid bottles for basketball treats last week.


  7. Yeah, the apple slices were the first week, then there were goldfish or ritz bits, which is fine. It's just gotten more humorous each week.

    We are in no way Junk Food Nazis, but every week??? Of course, the kids are THRILLED with the way things are going! :)

    Oh Crystal--that was FUNny!

  8. I am fortunate that my child wants fruit and healthy snacks! About the most "junky" she gets is those Special K strawberry chip-things...I think they call them "bites"!
    I had lunch with G the other day and the little boy beside her brought his "lunch":
    Kool Aid
    Slim Jim beef jerky

    Oh my......

  9. I am cracking up! We have a few mothers on T.'s tee ball team who wanted to "enforce a rule of no junk food for snacks"...well....we can't technically enforce a RULE persay, how about just "use good judgement?" Since I work for a pediatric dentist I am constantly concerned about sugar intake. My kids never even had Koolaid until we moved to Texas!I began to think that kids hear lived off of it :) I know...I am mean BUT we wonder why kids don't behave, can't focus etc... It is funny....sort of :) Best of luck to you in your snack bringing. Who cares if all the kids think you are uncool or a dud for bringing the only healthy snack of the season! They'll get over it. I brought sliced apples, and goldfish. No one said "your no fun" AND I'm not quite the type that would have minded if they had:)

  10. Don't forget about pixie sticks. ;)

  11. LOL! I thought I was the only "WIERD" mom! On Skyley's soccer team one mom brought the koolaid squeeze-it, and twinkies. I was like ARE YA KIDDIN ME?

  12. At half time when my kids were deep into soccer the moms always brought oranges cut into quarters & passed them out. That was great & they were thirsty & needing a boost. That made the sugar treats not seem so bad-

    Scott's idea~ genious-
    better than the martha stewart wanna be who brings homemade cookies decorated like soccer balls with all the kids names piped on them- why does that annoy me more... I'm so shallow

  13. You know, just buy the sugar in packet form and the kids can eat it in the car on the ride home. Then you don't have to worry about bringing a scoop!

  14. oh yeah. i remember those days. LOL.

  15. I know. Why do they really even need a snack? Our kids' games are only 40 minutes. I think water bottles are enough...

  16. Seriously, that's what they bring for snacks? I don't even serve that stuff at birthday parties! Aren't there some snack guidelines? Do they make you sell candy bars as a fundrasier? Holy moly!

  17. depends... shall they sip it up with a straw or eat it with a spoon?!?

  18. So funny, I agree! We usually bring orange slices or if we're doing the cracker family I'll bring peanut butter crackers, etc. But I have seen moms send donuts with KoolAid and such.


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