Tumble Out of Bed and I Stumble to the Kitchen...

Pour myself a cup of ambition.

Even though I don't work 9-5 like Dolly sang about, I can relate to the first line of her song. A morning person, I am not.

I often dream of waking up well before my sweet family to get my run on, have quiet time/bible study, shower and get my face on, cook a nutritious breakfast, eat together at the table, kiss my husband goodbye and drive my daughter to preschool. This is the dream in which all of that happens and she arrives to school early.

And then I wake up.

In reality, my husband fends for himself and on preschool mornings our daughter usually eats her breakfast here.

Standing on her step stool at our kitchen counter. Could I be more proud?

Considering that last year she ate most of her breakfasts IN THE CAR, the counter is actually a step-up.

Well, it works for me! Maybe one day we will make it to the table for breakfast. Maybe.

Are you living my dream or my reality?


  1. I'm living your reality. I want to be an early riser so badly, but am constantly struggling with it. My son gets up at 6:30 every morning on his own, packs his lunch, gets something for breakfast and is totally ready to leave for school before any of us are even up! If I didn't have to guide Whitney ever step of her slow way I would have an even harder time getting up in the morning!

  2. We're all up early here...so we do the family breakfast thing. But dinner time is usually a chaotic craze. I think one good meal a day is all anyone can reasonably expect!!

  3. When my kids were younger I so lived in your reality...and I'm still not an early riser!

    My problem is that I'm a night owl more than a morning person. I've always stayed up late to just have some time to myself...and also to get things done that didn't get done during the day. I guess that just became my habit.

  4. I love to live your dream, I am normally a morning person. HOWEVER, lately your reality has been mine, too.

    oh well. At least we're cute.


  5. At least she gets breakfast. Doesn't matter where she eats it! Mine get Eggo Waffles. Every. Single. Morning. Occasionally I manage french toast or pancakes, but not very often!

    Your reality is mine too!

  6. Well, she only knows the french toast, pancakes or waffles that come out of a box or maybe IHOP. The only time she has had homemade waffles or pancakes has been at other people's homes.

  7. Your post today made me laugh!!! I am not a morning person at all - maybe because I stay up till 1 and 2am - but I do get alot done after everyone is in bed, and I love to read, the problem with that is if I am into a book I can stay up till 4 just to read more - not a great look for work the next day!!

    My kids are older, but they tend to have cereal in bed (because its starting to turn wintery here and we only have heating in the living room, so they like to stay in bed where its warm).

    The older one doesnt eat breakfast at all - too busy doing her makeup!!! HA HA.

    My youngest is NOT A MORNING PERSON AT ALL!!!

    But one saving grace is my middle daughter - she is great, gets up gets her breakfast, gets dressed, does her hair and then gets annoyed at the big one because they are going to be late because Aimee is STILL IN THE BATHROOM - and oh by the way - we only have one bathroom and the toilet is in the bathroom - must do somthing about that this year!!!

  8. Oh Holly, I am so living your reality! I am trying to figure out a clever way to get the boys to pour their own milk in their cereal so I can stay in bed even longer. So sad.

  9. I don't know what I just did to make myself anonymous but it was me, Suzy, from The Runs.

  10. I have your dream, too! HA! I am June Cleaver wannabe, you know. LOL!

    you are an AWESOME mom! Love ya!

  11. All my life of raising kids I had that dream too. N.E.V.E.R. did we make it. I could have held a garage sale or bake sale out of my car on most days. But, we survived it. You and Heather are both supermoms.

  12. Does anyone not have crazy, rushed mornings with kids? Ha! Your blog title reminds me of singing that song as a child with my sister. You gotta love Dolly!

  13. I love dolly!
    I did really good the first half of the school year.... but that's over. What's really sad is I'm usually asleep on the couch when the older kids leave.

  14. Kim "does" mornings here, but your reality is ours on many mornings! before kids, I thought Pop-Tarts were evil. We don't feed them those routinely, but on busy mornings, Pop-Tarts at the counter are God's gift to moms!


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