We Are Girls Who Love to Run: The Winners

Tonight, using my highly advanced system, I drew two names for the We Are Girls Who Love to Run giveaway. I am happy to announce the two winners are...drum roll...Crystal and Suzy!! Congratulations ladies! Drop me an email with your addresses and I will send your autographed copy to you. Thanks so much to Brianna for being so generous to share these books with us! It is exciting to see the joy of running being spread to girls of ALL ages.


  1. Aww Shucks....guess that means I am buying it! Hey...didn't you run your half marathon?....or am I totally off my rocker? How did it go? Details please!

  2. I hope you had fun with the giveaway, Holly! Thanks for sharing the book with your visitors and passing along your passion for running. :) And congrats to the winners!

    I'm with Sunshine - how'd the half go???!!! We, your loyal readers, want the details!

  3. WOW!!! I don't think I've won anything before!!! THANKS YOU GUYS!!! I'm blushing....


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