The WW Report: The Clash Version

Should I stay or should I go?

This little debate has been occurring in my head lately about my Weight Watchers commitment. Just how long am I going to do this? Am I a 6 monther? A lifer? What exactly are my goals? Currently, I am still plugging along towards my 10% loss, which has been my first goal. However I am starting to look down the road a bit farther and wonder what will be next.

Always tease tease tease: The Scale

Last week I gained a pound, this week I lost 3.2. WW is quite the roller coaster ride. How long do I want to ride? I am happy by the loss I have had so far, and know even reaching a 10% will be a noticeable difference.

If I go there will be trouble...

If I stop WW too soon, I will certainly gain back what I have accomplished. I am a creature of habit, and my bad eating habits will most likely return when I am not committed to a program.

If I stay it will be double...

It may take several more months to lose well beyond the 10%. Am I in this for the long haul? We'll see. I am intrigued by the possibility of rediscovering my pre-marriage self, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. How badly do I want to try to reclaim it? Right now I don't know for sure. I suppose I will cross that bridge when I get closer to it.

This indecision's bugging me...

The WW program is flexible and I have already learned so much about portion control while still eating regular food. I am practicing habits I already knew, but WW gives me the accountability to actually follow them.

Well come on and let me know
should I stay or should I go?


  1. You are one CLEVER chick.
    Give it until June 1 :)
    You are a gorgeous woman, be comfy in your skin!

  2. That was a great post... Some of you ladies on here are just so quick. I would have never thought of a post like that, but now thanks to you I will have that song in my head all day. Hang in there a bit long I think. By the way congrats on what you've done so far!

  3. Aah, don't quit, I just got started!

    I love the post though, and I've always felt it's a good idea to have a specific goal in mind on one's journey, whatever it may be.

    I'm also going to have to agree with Amy - gorgeous. And seriously photogenic!

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  6. Oh- Holly, I hope you didn't get bad comments! I wish people would just keep the bad comments to themselves!

    My thought...

    I think that nothing should consume are thoughts or take our focus off of why we are on this earth and why God created us. We are wonderfully and perfectly made.
    With that -we all need to be healthy to do God's will.

    So, maybe try to think being healthy and not just losing weight. OR don't get on the scales...this WW thing is just a way to be helathy- if it is not a focus of your day and the scale is not a focus of your week maybe it will be a smoother ride!

    Remember everythig in our lives should bring glory to our Father-

    I know you know all of this...keep your head up and keep God the focus.

  7. I think it's all about liking the skin you're in. I've been trying to lose the same ten pounds for about four years now. I'm almost to a point where I recognize that I obviously like to eat more than I'd like to lose the last ten. Almost, but not quite. Hang in there, chickie.

  8. You are so funny!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement and thoughts!

    I guess that is what is on my mind, how comfortable am I? If I achieve a more drastic loss(past 10%), will I be motivated to try to keep it? My truly skinny self has been on vacation for 14 years. Is it time for her to return? Not sure--because I DO like to eat! Will I be on WW for 6-8 months or more? How strict/dedicated do I want to be?

    Ah...the questions...time will tell.

  10. I did the WW thing myself. I was impressed by the organization. I did lose some weight. Some of the people were all dedicated to it and did great. But, I kept have a life too and sometimes WW just didn't fit. I learned some valuable lessons while there but I didn't last. And alas, I am not a success story. It just seems so obvious doesn't it that if we REALLY WANTED it we would do it. I guess I just didn't want it that much.

  11. I think, along the same lines as what Lacie said, we need to be very aware of how obsessed we become with things that we don't need to be obsessed with. But for me, WW helps to stave off the obsession. When I'm following it (even if not perfectly) then I don't worry so much about the scale or what I look like because I know I'm doing something. When I'm not, every bite (no matter how good) makes me feel guilty and I hate that.

    It's such a personal thing. Good luck with figuring it out, but it's about what's right for you, not anybody else.

  12. I've only just examined WW on the fringes and I am not out to critize them or anyone who is on WW, etc. And, I've never personally been to a WW meeting to hear what is discussed besides the food part. But what I do know is that the sole eating and points portion of WW causes weight lost based mostly on the fact that the points you are assigned reduces calorie intake. What I have done a lot of research on, and practiced myself and lost nearly 25 pounds with ease, is eating high protein, cutting out refind sugar and carbs, eating fruit in the morning only, and cutting out caffiene. If you have time, google sugar and caffiene and its effect on isulin production and how that affect fat storage in the body. I could go on and on, but there really is a better way to eat to lose weight and keep it off. But, if the way I prefer doesn't work for you then it's no good at all. Again, I am no expert on WW and I agree with everyone here who says you are beautiful just the way you are. But, there's interesting info out there.....

  13. Ho ho, ha ha, good one! Good luck chica, hang in there. *B

  14. I have been having many of the same thoughts.... I gained 1.2 this week & next week is the week of the wedding!!!! Oh boy, it'll be worse I'm sure. I'm sticking with it for now though, even if I gain it all back in the next week!
    If you can run a marathon, you can do anything you want- stay or go- you're amazing either way!

  15. I love reading your posts. Re: WW, its a constant battle I think everyone faces to some degree. My doctor once told me (after I had my children), that I probably would not every get back to pre baby weight, but that didnt mean I couldnt loose something if I wanted to. I lost everything after my first, then after my second I kept about 30 pounds that werent mine, then I lost 10, then after my third there was the 30 back again - I KNOW I KNOW, I was 53 kgs (roughtly 116 pounds)when I fell pregnant with my first and the day I walked in to the hospital to have her I was 220 - YES I KNOW - but it happened with each pregnancy no matter what weight I started at, I ended up exactly at 220 when I went to delivery - weird!!! I didnt pig out, I didnt really change anything I ate, my body took over and from about 5 months on people would stop me and ask if I was overdue and I still had 4 months to go!!!!

    Sorry got off track a bit there - anyway as my Doctor said, I will never be 53kgs again, he said I have to set a realistic target for myself and that if I reach that I will be thrilled because I will feel fabulous even if I am not 53 kgs. He said for my height (5'8") 70 kgs would be good - which is 150 pounds - to me that is horrifying because as a teenager that always sounded big, but now I know its not - right now I am 175, so I have a long way to go still.

    Good luck - and keep up the fantastic posts I love them!!! and I agree your hair is fabulous!!

  16. ps. I cant believe I just posted all that and actually typed out my weight for all to see - PLEASE DELETE PLEASE DELETE - only joking. I hope everyone has already read this post and no one sees it... :) how insecure am I !!!

  17. I love the clash video and coined phrases you used in your post. I know I've always been intrigued by their program, but never enough to get in and join. I use my own portion system counting fat and calories to track when I want to loose weight (which is right now!) You seem like a dedicated person who could probably figure it out on your own! Good luck HollY!


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