In the Words of James Brown...

I FEEL GOOD!...nanuh, nanuh, na-nuh-NUH!

Why, you might ask? Because my feet (and knees, hips, AKA my lower body) will now enjoy running in these new babies. The time had come to retire my old Asics Gel-Kayanos for the newer model.

That's right, Papa's Mama's got a brand new bag pair.

If you have never been professionally fitted for a running shoe, I strongly urge you to do so soon. In fact, go now. Yes, now.

A proper fit in the shoe best suited for your running style, frame, etc. is essential to your overall running performance and experience. I know running shoes can be pricey, but the pair that is right for you is PRICELESS. You are worth the investment in yourself.

Try on several pairs, don't rush your decision. Most stores will do a stride analysis, maybe a wet test or computer analysis to narrow down your type of running style. At the very least, they should watch you walk, even jog a few steps so they can check for pronation. Ask about their return policy also, just in case something isn't right after you run in them.

Keep track of the miles logged on each pair and remember to replace them every 200-300 miles or if you start experiencing any nagging soreness or issues. I try to alternate my shoes between my long and short runs to stretch their life a bit longer. About a month or so before the big event, I like to buy a new pair and break them in (about 40-50 miles logged) before marathon day.

After being a dedicated Mizuno girl, I am currently giving the Asics Kayanos a whirl. They give me more motion control on longer runs when my form can get all loopy. A new pair feels like running on a cloud. And that's a nice feeling.

Play us on out James...

What's on your feet these days?


  1. I love the Brooks Adrenaline for the pronation support but I think it would be good if I got analyzed....for running shoes I mean! :)

  2. I've heard raves about Brooks Adrenaline, but have not tried them. Yet.

    It seems like runners are always on the quest for the perfect shoe. Once I find one that I like, the shoe elves tweak the model and make *improvements*--then I end up switching models or even brands. Frustrating elves.

    Hopefully running prevents the need for psychoanalysis!

  3. After LOTS of research, analysis, etc. (really, I'm so proud of efforts!), I have a heavenly pair of Brooks Adrenaline. Suhweet! *B

  4. i so second the professionally fit thing (i have to, i'm married to a pt!). which reminds me, i need to retire my brooks addictions and get me some new foot candy. time to try a new shoe, too- my arch fell and i don't run the same anymore.

    i love new shoes!!!

  5. First, I'm all about the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7's. My feet think those shoes are a party. Second, I sing that James Brown song to myself on every single run. Except I keep the na nuh na nuh na's and change the rest of the works. It keeps me going :)

  6. Hi Holly
    Congrats on the new shoes!!! Its amazing how something so simple can make such a difference and we put it off and then wonder why we did. I have to say something to you - there have been a couple of photos you have loaded lately which are a close up shot of your gorgeous face and each time I see them I think I must comment and then dont so TODAY I am - you have the most beautiful face and (ok I am probably being weird) the MOST FANTASTIC EYEBROWS I have ever seen. I am a little obsessed with great eyebrows, I dont have them and have always wanted them. I cant get that beautiful arch because I have a small scar in my right eyebrown so if I arch them I end up with a big hole!!! STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING. Have a great weekend the most beautiful eyebrow girl!!!

  7. I've been thinking of going ahead and buying a second pair and rotate my wear of both so that, maybe, I can stretch them a little bit longer. I am going to check out the Brooks Adrenaline and see if they might work for me.

    Anyone wear Saucony? Thoughts?

    Mandi: Thanks for your nice words! My eyebrows are blushing at your kinde compliments. It's funny, I've always thought mine can get too thin and resemble question marks. I guess we always think the grass (or brow) is greener on the other side!


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