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Talking 'bout my girl...

Scott had a little chat with Annelise the other day and asked her some questions. Here are her answers, in bold.

My mom cooks the best spaghetti in the whole wide world. I would buy my mom a stuffed animal, a small pink flamingo. My mom doesn't like when I do something bad. What I like best about my mom is she loves me so much. My mom likes my dad to go to work and eat healthy food and vitamins and drink lots of water and get good rest.

What is a mom? Someone who cares and loves for me and that is my mom. My mom's name is Holly, she is 39 years old. For fun my mom likes to watch me play on the play set and read in the shade. My mom likes to drink water and eat Lean Cuisine. My mom smells like flowers. My mom's job is to work at home while I'm at school. My favorite thing to do with my mom is to go to the YMCA and make cookies with rainbow sprinkles and white icing. I know my mom loves me because she hugs and kisses me before I go to sleep.

I got so tickled when I read through her answers. Scott promised it was 100% all her. It's always interesting to hear what she thinks, you never know what she is going to say.

Here are a few other Annelisms I want to remember.

When asked while eating where her manners were, Annelise replied, "They're in my pocket."

After going to bed the other night, Annelise obviously started to ponder the serious issues on her mind. Soon she was crying. When we asked her what was wrong she said ,"We're going to be on Y next week, there's only two letters left!!! I don't want the alphabet to end! I won't be in Mrs. O's class much longer!!" Sob, sob, wail, wail, hug, hug. Oh sweetie.

I imagine as her little brain winds down at bedtime ideas, thoughts and fears pop into the foreground of her mind. Sometimes she thinks about missing her Meemaw or going away to college someday (remember she's only 4.5) and gets so upset. With a little reassurance she settles down and works through it.

I am always touched to see how sensitive and caring she is. One day she got in the car after school with red rimmed eyes, just upset all over the place. When I asked her what was wrong she explained that two of her friends in class had their pin pulled to red and were getting notes sent home, she was worried about them getting a spanking. Oh the empathy.

Upon making a new friend at the park, and introducing new friend to us, "This is my best friend, um...what's your name again?"

I love her outgoing exuberant personality. Clingy she is not. She is such a social whirlwind, a force of friendliness. My Girl.


  1. A and G are soooooooo much alike!
    Where is halfway between you and I? We need to get together! :)

    Very sweet. Kudos to Scott for getting those precious answers! I think I might steal that and do it for G's Daddy this Father's day!

  2. Love it! That is also a great picture of you two.. and that necklace looks yummy you are wearing!

    Love the comment about her manners being in her pocket!

  3. That is so much sweetness for one post, I can hardly bear it! That girl, she is so full of life and cuteness and tenderness, too. Sad about being on the letter Y - oh my aching heart, that's so sweet!

  4. such a cute girl! i love that she worries about her friends. that is so sweet! and i love what scott did with the questions!

    ps- i hope living out of the house while floors get repaired goes well!

  5. That was soooo sweet! How darling. Grace was upset when they hit Z, because she thought it was her last day of school, too.

    Her answers to Scott's questions were so adorably cute! And I LOVE that pic of you two together. So gorgeous!!

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  7. What a doll! I love the pictures and love the things she says. I have journals for the boys that I can write such things down in. Then every once in a while, when I need a feel good, pick me up, I pull them out and read. I love it! The picture of the two of you is fabulous!

  8. Such gorgeous pictures, and such sweet remembrances of your little one. Good to write down that everyday sweetness so it's not forgotten.

  9. Great idea Scott! And the backyard pic on Mom's Day is beautiful! We love A to pieces!!!

  10. I love her answers...Lean Cuisine! My kids think my favorite food is salad. Hahaha!

  11. Her answers were just perfect. I'm glad you wrote them down for later ruminations. Or blackmail.

  12. Holly--reading this post just made my day! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. I love hearing all of your 'annelisms', she truly is such a sweet, tender-hearted girl!!

  14. "in my pocket"!!! That's perfect!
    What a cute post Holly.

  15. Oh, she is so FULL of personality :)

    I wonder what in the world my kids' answers would be for "my mom smells like..." I don't want to know.

    I had to laugh when I read "My mom likes to...watch me play on the playset & read in the shade." That's just exactly what I do when they're at the playground!

    She's a doll.

  16. What a fun post! I love her conversation with her dad. Too fun.


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