Notes from a Hotel Dweller

Here we are, Day 3 of hotel life. Looks like we will be in residence here through the weekend, and return to our true home Monday or Tuesday.

Life in the hotel is not too shabby, though it still feels odd to be in hotel approximately 5 miles from our house. It goes without saying (but I'm gonna anyway) that the pool is the highlight of this adventure for Annelise.

Since it has been about a year since she has been in a pool, she was scared at first. As she *swam* with her noodle and tested herself a bit, she gained courage and then *swam * without the her noodle. She has created her own version of mermaid/ice cream scooper method. It's a sight to see.

We are able to walk to Boston Market, where I discovered their new Tuscan Salad. Olives, peppers, herb chicken, tomatoes. Colorful and quite tasty.

I managed to get in one run. One. Whee. I'm not sure this will counteract the effects of the breakfast buffets of which I have been partaking, but I can hope.

Yesterday, I ran at the Y like a hamster. As an added treat the man next to me had either Tourette's or a mental quirk of some sort. In order to run through his running commentary and interesting noises, I risked my ear drums and cranked up my iPOD. Thank goodness for The Kinks, Wish I could Fly Like Superman, Sheryl Crow, Out of Our Heads and (shhh...) Madonna and J. Timberlake, Four Minutes.

This morning, I quickly rationalized my desire for another run by telling myself I'd just be frustrated by the rinky-dink treadmill in the exercise room here, and promised myself I will meet the group for a run in the morning in the great outdoors. Yep. That's the plan man.

So I went for this instead...

My pitifully neglected and somewhat gnarly feet were in much need of a freshening up. Just in case you want to know, I went to a new place and was very pleased. I'm going to let the other place go. Buh-bye.

After the pedi, I walked on my happy feet to get a coffee. I sure know how to live large, don't I? Now, let's take a closer look at all the happiness.

Pampered tootsies dressed up in a demure French pedicure polish, resting within a pair of Reef flip-flops. Now I must take a moment to merrily proclaim the joy of Reef flip-flops. They are like flipping around on a cloud I tell you. Besides my Mary Jane Crocs, my Reef flips are my go to shoe of choice. Supportive, comfy and cute.

Clockwise you will also notice my vanilla non-fat latte, my current must read of the moment, and the new Neil Diamond CD. Don't giggle. I love me some Neil. A few bars of Sweet Caroline and I am transported back to 1978, riding in our Ford LTD with my mom, Hot August Nights on the 8 Track, windows down. Good times. His new CD does not disappoint.

All too soon it was time to put down my book, take my last sip of coffee, turn off Neil and pick up A. from school. A busy afternoon of dance recital rehearsal, errands, and a birthday party was calling my name. Loudly.


  1. Ok....I am so sorry I didn't notice your beautiful toes tonight. They look wonderful. I couldn't get past the way cool reefs, I guess! HA HA! I am glad you loved the new place. I might have to try it out...maybe a girls night out? :)

    Love ya!

  2. Just for the record, because I know you want to know, I ran 7 miles this morning! I feel great--now that I'm done.

  3. All of that looks refreshing and delightful. Way to stay on your running bandwagon :) Happy Homelessness to you! HeHeHe

  4. Look at that tanned, toned, sexy leg!

  5. LOL! We had a Ford LTD when I was little too. I'm sure we listened to some Neil on our AM only radio at the time--Good times, good times! Love the pics of you (and A.) enjoying the hotel life!

  6. 1978 for an LTD??!?! That is what I drove in college in 1999!!! I affectionately called her "The BAttleship Texas." Good, safe, dependable car... I miss her.

    Onto your cute reefs and toes! Yipee! A little papering is always good for the heart. Can't wait to see/hear about the recital and our little "Yankee Doodle Dandy!"

  7. Okay, I am behind on your blog. I had to scroll down to previous posts to find out why you moved to a hotel!
    Hurray for pedis and Starbucks though, even if you are displaced for a few days.

  8. Anyone who would laugh at Neil Diamond is lame.

  9. Sounds like you're making the most of your hotel time, though I'm sure you're looking forward to being home soon.

    You made me laugh out loud with the hamster comment. :)

  10. Wanna switch!? Your life looks much better than mine...

  11. I love my Reefs, too! So dang comfy. And Neil! You can't lose with Neil.

  12. I loved this last picture...looks so totally perfect. I really enjoyed that book. (She has a new one out that's on my library list.)


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