SPT: Something Blue

Our SPT challenge for May ends this week with something blue.

That would be me. In a way.

I don't understand why men are born with a love for all things electronic coded within their DNA. Sometimes this trait comes in handy, other times it is quite pesky. For the last six to eight months my dear hubs has been what some may call interested, however I say obsessed, with acquiring a wide screen TV.

If you look over there in the corner of our family room you will see two deep impressions. That's where I dug my heels in for these last six to eight months.

Since we recently had to move out while our floors were repaired, our family room furniture had to move as well. That was dear hub's signal. The coast was clear.

The last two weeks have been so peaceful without a TV in our family room. Yes, we still have one upstairs, but that took more of an effort, so we did not watch as much. We were outside more, listened to music more, talked more, dear hubs even started to read a book. I know!

I am feeling a bit blue though because today THIS arrived and has taken up residence in our family room.

Could it BE any bigger? (Apparently, they do sell larger TVs. I can't imagine.)

This monstrosity, otherwise known as a wide screen TV, is living temporarily (until an armoire arrives, soon I hope) on this coffee table against the wall. Nice.

What's a girl to do? Dear hubs is beside himself with glee of course.


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  1. Oh, I so sympathize, girl. Not empathize, because fortunately for me, my hubs has not any interest (for now). I am SO not a fan of the tv and I totally don't get the big screen.

  2. argh....
    rhett wants one too. I told him until our good "old fashioned" one plays out, no way....

    I LOVE just listening to music, reading, playing board games or card games....less tv! :)
    (I know you will enjoy it, esp. when you can tuck it away in the armoire...when Scott is not home!)

  3. I hear you too. Boys and their electronics. (**roll eyes**)

  4. My husband is obsessed with TV's too. We got a big screen TV but it wasn't flat, so we got a flat screen, but now he wants one that goes on the wall. Then of coarse he always complains that he watches too much tv and he's going to get rid of all of them. um ok.

  5. i may have gotten off easy here... apparently, my husband doesn't care about the wide screen unless there is an xbox attached to it... hang in there!!

  6. Forget about the TV........I love the self portraits you did! Your sarcastic/exasparated looks come across clear! Thanks!!!

  7. They certainly are interesting creatures!!! Men and wide screen TV's!!! HA HA.

    I will share our TV story - about two years ago I saved up to buy my husband a wide screen TV. I spoke to one of his friends at work (who had purchased one, and that was all they talked about), he didnt want to tell me to buy a certain one - because there are so many things to consider!!! So he left it up to me because he didnt want my husband to get one that was wrong (can any wide screen TV be wrong???). A few weeks later my husband called me from work and said "I dont know if you are doing this for fathers day, or my birthday or whenever, but I think you are thinking about buying me something that I dont think we really need so dont waste the money" I was gobsmacked. So I didnt buy it.

    Last year I get another call from husband from work - there is a guy at work who was organising to get a whole batch of the brand new - yet to be released Panasonic Plasmas at a really good price because it such a huge order, so what did I think? I said if you want it get it. He said ok - when he got home that night he said to me that I was supposed to say NO??? I told him he had rocks in his head, how was I supposed to know that - if he wanted it then he should get it, but dont make me the bad guy, and if he didnt want it he could have told the guy I said no, or we just couldnt afford it whatever - the next week the HUGE, ENORMOUS, MASSIVE AND I MEAN MASSIVE TV ARRIVED!!! Its a 52 inch wide screen monstrosity!!! But I have to admit - music DVD's look and sound fantastic when they are played through this TV.

    So maybe that can be your new thing - you like music, so go and get yourself a live DVD and see how different the sound is!!

    ENJOY, Maybe we can turn your blue into really loud thumping music!!!!


  8. Oh, I'm right there with you...my hubby has taken to visiting Circuit City, Best Buy, and Costco on a weekly basis, scoping out the TV selections. He's obsessed!

    In the meantime, I never have the TV on...now the computer, that's another story!

    Your face says it all sister!!

  9. An armoire is a great solution. Ours hides our TV nicely, so when I don't want to see it, I just shut the doors and tuck it away.

  10. Yeah, I'm sure he's beside himself with glee! The last business trip my husband went on had a wall-mounted widescreen TV in the hotel room and he called me just to tell me that news. And then he must have told me every other time we talked, too. And when he got home. And the next day. And the next...:)

  11. i'm so sorry! but what i really want to know is...where do you get your hair done? it is darling! i live in TX too...i'd be willing to drive to whoever does it for you! :)

  12. I'm coming over tomorrow to watch Young!

    LOVE IT!

  13. Ah ha, but it's just in time for you to watch So You Think You Can Dance!!

  14. I know you're blue about it, but this is such a cute post! Sometimes it's just inevitable....

  15. You did a great job photographing how you really feel about the TV. I count myself lucky that my husband couldn't care less about the size of our TV and he likes it in an armoire too. That way we can close the doors when we want to hide our "old", not flat screen TV.

  16. You'll enjoy it I'm sure, give it time & all your favorite shows are back on... A friend of mine has a screen that is over 7 ft long. It is like a movie theatre screebn ,so yes you can get bigger!!
    You know boys - they like big things!
    Of course you look so cute & I love your hair style. I wish I had the face for my hair like that!

  17. Sorry about the TV, but you look gorgeous~ even with your disappointed expression.

  18. It really must be a guy thing. My brother in law just got the monstrosity, and my husband is begging for one as well

  19. Sadly, they do come bigger (but not by much!) My husband filled a whole wall with his dream plasma tv about six months ago. We seriously hardly ever watch it. WASTE OF MONEY! I feel your blue pain, dear friend. I feel you!

  20. Yeah, I don't get this obsession that all men have genetically wired into their system...the need to have a bigger than life t.v....so they feel like they are not watching, but experiencing the show/sport/movie...whatever! I have not yet succumbed to the begging from my hubs...but I fear it will come soon enough :)

  21. Your pictures are awesome!
    My husband 'surprised' me with a entertainment center when we moved into our new house. Then 'needed' a bigger tv to fill the entertainment center. At least it isn't a really big screen. The ironic thing is he isn't much of a tv watcher. Oh well. All I know is Max and Ruby look great on the big screen.

  22. The TV- can't live with it/ can't live without it!

  23. The plot thickens: the satellite was here for, oh, three and a half hours so we could upgrade our dish to an HD something or other. Dear hubs came home early from work so he could follow the installer's every move.


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