The WW Report: A Slacker Perspective

Can you tell I was thrilled to be at WW this week? Yeah, I know. I have been quite the WW Slacker lately, only following my points half-heartedly. At times quarter-heartedly. Sigh.

I did get two runs in, 4 miles and 7 miles respectively. Still, that must not be enough to make a difference. Since my body is used to running certain distances, I think I need to amp it up some and change my workouts. Shake things up and hopefully off.

I did lose a pound this week, but it's probably only the pound I gained two weeks ago. I am quite the Yo-Yo (however I don't know any cool tricks). My goal this week is to be more dedicated to following my points and walk away from the low calorie frozen treats that I seem to be consuming in large quantities (my warped brain thinks since they're low in points, let's eat four--or more, usually at night). Time to put the Skinny Cow down, girlfriend.

I must take a moment to introduce my WW homies...

Heather, Tamara and Kim make doing this so much more enjoyable! We clap and cheer for each other, complain and moan together too. There are two other girls from church that are also members but attend meetings on other days. The support and common goal makes a huge difference as we journey down this WW road filled with hills, rocks, potholes, and detours.


  1. Holly

    Just keep at it, one week may be good and the next not so good, but each of the good days means one day you are healthier!!!

    Again with the eyebrows!!!!! So beautiful, now I think you are just tormenting me!!!! HA HA HA. Oh how I wish I could have fabulous eyebrows!!!

    Have a great week. mandi

  2. ((sigh)) I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

    Thank goodness for my fruities. :)

  3. You know you're a blogger when you take pictures of your sad face at the WW counter.

    And hey, a pound is a pound, right? That's four sticks of butter you took off, girlfriend. Not too shabby.

  4. I think you're doing great!

    haha, what christie said. :)

  5. 7 miles is no small feat! It must be hard though to keep that up everyday, especially when you still have to be a mom. I have loved your inpsiration and commitment - face it, you're awesome! Good luck!


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