And the Award Goes to...

If I could give out an Oscar, or a Golden Globe, or a People's Choice, or a Dundee (any fans of The Office?) I would cheerfully bestow one on these recent treats from Netflix.
Along with a nail-biting drama, a laugh out loud comedy and a crying jag inducing Chick-Flick, I am a fan of the documentary. They often meet the above criteria in a neat little package. Here are some of my must sees:

Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains This film gives a well rounded peek into the life of former President Carter as he travels on a whirlwind book tour promoting his latest book. I think it gives an amazing look into his character not only as a humanitarian, but as a husband and man.

God Grew Tired of Us tells the moving story of several young men, refugees from Sudan, adjusting to life in America. Seeing America through their eyes is inspiring as well as somewhat embarrassing. We have SO much and take so much for granted.

Running on the Sun As if running a marathon isn't crazy enough, this film showcases several ultra-marathoners running The Badwater 135-mile dessert race. Oh my goodness. It's truly amazing what the human body can withstand.

Spellbound Cheer on the National Spelling Bee contestants as they work their way to the finals. And maybe learn to spell some new words along the way.

The last two I heard about from Kristi. She was right-on, they do not disappoint.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters If you are a fan of 80s arcade games and love to root for the underdog, then don't miss out on this documentary. Yes, I cried over Donkey Kong!

Paperclips I've mentioned this one before. A school project takes on much more meaning for a group of rural Tennessee students as they learn about the Holocaust. You MUST rent it. Please.

They have each made me laugh, cheer, cringe and of course, cry. I highly recommend you add them to your queue. Soon.
Do you have a favorite documentary you would recommend? Have you seen any of these? Do you heart Netflix as much as I do?


  1. I love Netflixx too! Thanks for the review. I will add some of these to my queue.

  2. I love documentaries, and haven't seen any of these. Thanks for the list - I want to check them out!

  3. don't have netflix. I remember you talking about paper clips. I need to see that one. and maybe the donkey kong one too!

  4. I am a HUGE Netflixer for documentaries and TV series, as I am medically housebound. I've seen most of these, and I have 2 I'd like to recommend. The first is The Lost Boys of Sudan. It is about 10 years old, and I am proud to say I have met several of the "boys" working in the hospitals here in the Boston area. It is about a group of young men whose families were killed in the Sudan and the boys ran for the hills and survived on their own until they were able to get to a refugee camp. As teens they are given the opportunity to come to the US, where they will get a strong education and job training along with a sponsor family. This does not happen they way they thought and it is mostly about their struggles in the US.
    The second is Born into Brothels about the culture of prostitution in India. It focuses on several families who live this lifestyle, and how 1 British woman is trying to bring an education to these girls so they can break the cycle of their family. It is not graphic, just very interesting to see how these people think.


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