Bloggy Q & A: The Answers, Part 2

I must tell you how much fun I have had answering your questions. Not only has it been interesting to find out what is on your mind, but working on my answers has been meaningful to me, especially sharing more of our adoption experience. Today's installment covers a few questions ranging from Weight Watchers, blogging and a bit more about adoption.

Autumn and Maria were curious about Weight Watchers (WW).
Tell me about your success with WW~like how much you lost, how long did it take, what's your favorite WW recipe, why did you turn to WWs? I am currently in my fifth month of WW and I have lost 18 pounds. I am learning to be patient with the pace of the losses and thankful for even the minuscule ones. The scale may have been slow to reflect a significant loss, but the clothes have been telling a different story. Things fit better, clothes that have been put away are back into the rotation, and a few new treats have found their way into my closet. That feels great! Yes, WW has been slow and frustrating at times, but still beneficial.

This summer I hope to reach my 10% goal (I am 1lb. away, so it will be soon I hope!) and then set my overall goal to work toward. We'll see. I want to eventually make it to maintenance and then become a Lifetime member. Honestly, I have been a slacker with tracking my points as closely as I should for the last several weeks. The shame! There have still been losses, but they might have been larger if I was more diligent with my points. What can I say? I get lazy.

I joined because I have seen the program work for friends of mine, and wanted to try it. At the time a couple of friends were talking about WW and we all decided to go for it. I'm a joiner, remember. I was hoping to lose some extra poundage and possibly improve my overall running performance.

I don't really have any favorite WW recipes. I have not experimented with too many recipes like I should have while I've been doing the program. The shame!

Gab wondered, How did you start blogging? What blogs do you enjoy reading? Why are Texas girls SOOO much cuter than the rest of us? (Hahaha Gabi. You are too sweet!)
I started blogging about a year and a half ago after a close friend of mine started her blog. She was moving to another part of the state, and blogging seemed like the perfect way to keep up with each other. I had no idea it would bloom into such a fun hobby. I love the sense of community among bloggers and the ideas and resources shared. I have not met any bloggy friends in real life--yet--but I hope to do so someday. I always check in regularly with the blogs of my FIRL. Even though we see each other and spend a great deal of time together, their blogs reveal other aspects of their lives and thoughts. I read a variety of blogs, some are mom/family blogs, some are running related, some are interesting mixes of creativity, faith and daily life. Like most of you, I enjoy reading blogs where the author is honest and real. Humor, pictures, and a balance of the ups and downs of life make it easy to relate and enjoy.

Jen had another question about our adoption. Was A's age an issue at all when you adopted her? Did you have any problems with bonding, etc? When we started the adoption process we requested a baby girl as young as possible. In other regions of Russia it is possible to adopt babies only a few months old, in the Moscow program they are typically at least a year old or older. Our agent kept reassuring us that even an older baby would still have lots of the "baby" stages left, but we would be able to see more of the child's physical and emotional development when we met. They would also have a better idea of her overall health.

Not having the opportunity of experiencing a baby-baby was difficult to accept--at first. We got over that quickly. When we met Annelise she was 13 months old , she was still teeny-tiny (compared to U.S. babies), and was just beginning to walk. We were able to see more of her physical characteristics and features along with her general development/personality because she was older. She had been well cared for and was healthy. Her growth took off in the months after we were home. The nannies at the orphanage followed a strict schedule (they shared a copy with us) and that turned out to be an enormous blessing to us as clueless new parents. We followed it as closely as we could, then gradually adjusted it once we were home for a while.

Even though she was 14 months when we became a family, she bonded with us easily. Her personality started to shine after a short while of steady attention and love. She had been used to changes in caregivers and not having a lot of one on one attention. She soaked up being our center of attention, and of our families and friends. We have been very thankful that no obvious emotional or behavioral issues have arisen, also no real developmental or speech delays.

I could not resist popping this picture in, even though there is no real relevance. Here she is, all bundled up to go in her first stroller ride. We had been warned that Russians like to see their babies bundled up properly against the bitter elements. We didn't want anyone scolding us, so we obliged. To the point she could hardly move. Sorry sweetie.

That's it for Installment #2. Thanks for asking and for reading! Jill also asked some interesting questions and I will answer them together in Installment #3, which will be coming to a computer near you soon.


  1. I've loved reading your answers, especially about A's adoption. But woo hoo on your 18 pound weight loss! The pic of Scott holding A. is so touching with Moscow buildings seen from the window and who can resist giggling over the stroller picture? Yes, you were well prepared for the elements!

  2. Holly....the photo of A bundled up is so sweet....I must post one of G bundled up in the referral photos they sent us (they were taken in the winter in China). Funny, they told us to bundle G up while in China. It was about 90 degrees and they would "cluck" if even a foot was exposed under the blanket. Man. It was HOT and she was sweaty!
    Thanks for the memory lane trip.
    Love ya! Amy

  3. She is bundled for sure. She has the prettiest eyes.

  4. LOVE reading about the adoption. Met someone this weekend who had adopted from China and it was so interesting hearing all about their experience. Sounds like yours was much smoother.

  5. Congratulations on losing 18 pounds! Wow.

    It's so interesting to read about your adoption experience and to see these early pictures of Annelise. It sounds like you were all so blessed to find each other and have adjusted beautifully.

    I'm delighted you'll be answering my questions soon.

  6. 18 pounds! Wow!

    Still not sharin' the Texas beauty secrets, huh? I'll just have to come for a visit and get the scoop someday!

  7. Great part II. I did'nt know you were a WeWa'er. Great job with the WL.

  8. I had no idea Analise was adopted. What a beautiful story. What a true blessing for you and your husband!
    Congrats on the WW. You are awesome! I've always heard great things about WW, but who knew!!

  9. It is so fun to see A. as a baby girl. So beautiful.

    I loved reading all of your answers, congrats on the weight loss...holy (skinny) cow!

  10. congrats on your ww success! way to go! :) thanks for answering the questions- this was such a great idea. i'm learning a lot- can't wait to see #3!

  11. I've enjoyed reading your Q & A. I'm a fairly new reader and learned through these questions that you adopted from Russia. My husband's sister adopted four from Russia about 7 years ago. They adopted two one year and two the next year. None are siblings and all of them are within 13 months in age. They don't live nearby and we don't see them often, but when we do I am in heaven. They are the sweetest, cutest children and so appreciative of things. Way to go on the WW loss, too!

  12. How sweet! I didn't know the story of Annelise's adoption. And good for you on 18 pounds! That is significant. And hard to do with your running schedule, I'm sure! You go, girl!!


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