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I don't know if it's the lazy daisy feeling of summer or if cobwebs have taken up residence in my brain. Or a nice combination of the two. I find myself somewhat lacking in the blog fodder department.

I know!

So, I thought I would turn to you, my dear bloggy friends for some help. I've seen a few other bloggers host question and answer sessions and I thought it might be fun to do something similar.

Because of the cobwebs you know.

Here's how it works: In case you have any burning questions related to running, international adoption, books, blogging, WW, beauty and hair products (isn't that too shallow you ask...um, nope), the pros and cons between Skinny Cow flavors, whatever. Just ask your questions in the comments and I will compile them together in a future post. Easy. And a little bit cheesy. I know!

So...whaddya want to know?



  1. Let's talk about running!

    Who's training schedule do you use for your half marathons? I like Hal Higdon.

    What do you typically run per mile? Outside I am running at 10:10 but on the treadmill I can keep 9:15-9:30 for a few miles. Hmmm...I don't know why I can't learn to run faster outside.

    Do you lift weights and cross train like the schedules tell us to? I go in spurts with my lifting. Sometimes I cross train, often that means a nice long walk withthe dog and husband or a day off!

    Do you run better in the morning or afternoon? I would prefer to run in the morning, but can't get my rear our of bed in time.

    I love reading your running posts!! Keep them coming!

  2. I have been wanting to do this but have been scared .. HA! HA! What if someone wants to know something crazy?

    Anyway,, this might be too personal but how much did the blog book cost? You can skip that question if you don't want to answer!

  3. Why did you choose to adopt in Russia vs. China? Pros and cons? How long was the process?

    Do you use mousse on your hair? What brand shampoo, hair products do you use?

  4. Which marathon race are you planning for this year?

  5. What do you suggest for pre-race or pre-long run meals? What do you eat (if anything) on your long runs?

  6. oooh! i love this. so many questions. let's go:
    1- how long did your adoption take to go through? what was the process? which agency did you use?
    2- are you running another marathon this year? in alaska perhaps?
    3- what are the pros/cons of the running skirt?
    4- what's your day to day routine like? how do you run with little a?

  7. Tell me about your success with WW~like how much you lost, how long did it take, what's your favorite WW recipe, why did you turn to WW's, Then I want to know how do you have such great looking hair all the time? what products DO you use?

    What brand is the famous Target running skirt? I was thinking about this the other day~I want to get one but have no clue when it comes to running clothes.

    And last but not least, how did you meet Pink Kristi & the other girls from her blog?

    Dang, I'm nosey! :) Sorry!


  8. Fave WW recipes. Also, what workouts do you do (at the gym)when you're not running? BTW, we're going to have to meet up at the Y sometime so that the kids can play (or swim) together!

  9. --What are your favorite movies and why?
    --What's your favorite room in your house, please document with photos and detailed descriptions.
    --What the best trip you've ever taken?
    --What are your favorite posts you've written?

    These ought to keep you busy eh?

  10. Love your blog. Great pictures and lots of fun posts!
    Blessings, Angie Seaman

  11. How did you start blogging? What blogs do you enjoy reading? Why are Texas girls SOOO much cuter than the rest of us?


I'd love to hear what you have to say. I try to reply to comments and answer questions within each post so be sure to check back from time to time. Thanks for visiting!

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