Bonehead Parent Move #368

Do not, under any circumstances, make the assumption that a 4.5 year old that was up with the birds and has been swimming for 2.5 hours can peacefully segue into a relaxing Tex-Mex lunch without the buffer of a nap.

Never, ever underestimate the necessity of The Nap.

Said exhausted 4.5 year old will come close to spontaneous combustion when told there is not a booth available. Things will continue to escalate when there are not several red chips greeting her in the chip basket, when she finds a red and a blue crayon in her kids' menu packet, when she is not given a beverage napkin with her Styrofoam cup of water, and once she reaches the conclusion that Daddy ate queso while she was in the restroom*discussing* her behavior with Mama.

Notice a theme here?

However, in the right circumstances, a taco plate IS a balm for the soul. Ole.

Exhibit A: Little Not So Miss Sunshine right before bed...

Note the red eyes from swimming and from wall-eyed fits of angst, the pouty lip and general grumpy demeanor. Goodnight Irene.

Exhibit B: After the miraculous, restorative powers of 11 hours of sleep this morning:

All was right with the world. At least our little corner of it.


  1. Ah, the power of a few ZZZZZZZZzz's.

  2. oh man. i thought i was the only parent who ever experienced this. and wow are we experiencing it during this 24 hour daylight thing! napping is miraculous!

  3. She is a true little woman, Holly!

    Swimming zaps us, doesn't it?

    A is just plain A-dorable :)

  4. A nice plate of tacos cheers me up too!
    What a day you had.

  5. Oh Holly! I feel your pain. My 6 year old and my little one still take 2 hour naps and can't go without! She is awfully cute pouty lip and all though :)

  6. It's our own fault for pushing a bit too much into the schedule. Live and learn, right?

    Not only was she tired, her eyes were bothering her from swimming. Crying didn't help the situation either.

    Once her taco arrived she was a happier youngster--thank goodness!

  7. Naps are a wonderful thing. I don't do crankiness well.

  8. I have to say I love the "pouty" photo, but know that I would not enjoy the pouty moments getting there! I've heard that no day is so bad that it can't be cured by a nap....and I am usually the one who needs it! :) glad the next day was sunnier!


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