Daddy Diva

What do you get when you make a secretive trip to Goodwill to find a tie and then allow a 4.5 year old girly girl to glue on doodads to her heart's content (with a little help from Mama)?

You get this:

It's like an eclipse. Don't look directly at it.

For two days A. kept her creation a surprise, though she did try to spill the beans a few times. She was bursting with excitement and could not wait to give her daddy his new tie!

First thing this morning she came downstairs and presented him with her spruced up tie before he was even up out of bed.

He was a great sport and wore it with pride. He apologizes to anyone in the front pews this morning that may have been temporarily blinded during the opening prayer. A. seems to be following in my footsteps with the belief that less in NOT more and could not resist adding one more rhinestone. And then maybe just one more.

We posed for a family self portrait before Scott retired the tie. (Though we might be able to convince him to wear it to work tomorrow. Art should be appreciated, right?)

There were others where we were all looking at the camera, but I think this one captures how one little girl feels about her daddy. She thinks he hung the moon, which of course he did, right?

Happy Father's Day Scott!!


  1. That is a great family picture! Very framable!

  2. I love it! I love the picture where she's looking up at him. Perfect.

  3. That is just the sweetest thing! Did he wear it to church this morning?

    We are in Georgetown visiting Steve's parents. But I would have love to have seen Scott with that tie on.

    Love the look on her face, too.

  4. That photo is one to treasure. You really captured the adoration she has for her daddy. Just precious!

  5. GREAT TIE! we really should've made one- A. did such a great job. It's really cute.
    I have to say... I love your hair!!!

  6. I bet he loved it. what a super special orginal gift :-)

  7. Love the tie!
    Love that he wore it!
    Love the family picture!
    Love that green necklace you are wearing!
    Hope you had a great Fathers day at your house.

  8. This is absolutely the cutest picture ever... She really does love him and think he is the best... AND YOU CAN TELL!

  9. A. and I were so happy that he wore it to church today. I think he was a bit shy with it at first, but then got over that pretty quickly.

    I borrowed this tie idea from Kristi, of Everything Pink. I think her girls make one each year for their dad. I thought it was such a fun idea--and basically simple. I'm all about simple!

  10. The smile on A's face says it all...she's a girl who loves her daddy!"

    (He does sound pretty awesome!)

  11. I love that picture...so sweet.

    (love the idea and your awesome necklace, too!)

  12. That picture is the sweetest! What a darling family you have:)

  13. Sounds like a great Father's Day! That is definitely a great picture of the whole family (love your hair) and especially of Daddy's little girl.
    Maybe he could wear the tie out the door to work and change it in the car!

  14. That picture just tugs at the heartstrings, don't ya think? She sure does love her daddy!

    And what an awesome guy to wear that, um, spectacular tie to church! Love it :)

  15. That last picture's a keeper! So cute. Your husband's a good sport! I guess all dads are.

  16. OK, I am a lurker, but after that precious picture of your daughter looking up at her Daddy I could be silent no more!

    Great Post!

    Happy Father's Day

  17. Hi Holly

    I have had some really nasty stuff happen on my blog this weekend so I have gone completely private with it. I dont know how to make it so that people I like can see it, and I like you so be patient until I work out how to do it. Otherwise leave a message with Jennifer H. She will pass it on.

  18. Ok, I am LOVING that he wore that to church. He really is the best dad!

  19. I think it is the most beautiful tie I have ever seen. I can certainly see why Scott wore it to church. And retire the tie? I THINK NOT. Frame it in a shadow box maybe but never hide that beauty. Tell A that Neena likes bling bling too. And, just have to say that your hair is mahhhhhhvelous.

  20. hm, I commented on here the other day....wonder why not showing up...

  21. Oh, I am TOTALLY going to steal this idea next year--it's the best tie ever! Did he end up wearing it to work the next day???

    And I really must gush about your SEXY hair and skinny face. You look hot!

    I'm not hitting on you, for the record. Let's just be friends.

  22. p.s. This has got to be one of the best family pictures ever. I just love how A. is looking up at her daddy in total adoration. You must enlarge this & frame it.

  23. I love the tie, Holly!
    And those are really great pictures too.

  24. I LOVE your new haircut!! Could it be any cuter?

    And the tie is darling...I love it that he wore it with pride.

  25. Hi, it's my first time visiting your blog. I just had to comment on the tie. Love it! We have 2 girls & this would be right up their alley. I want to echo other commenters by saying that is a great picture.

    Happy Anniversary & best wishes running your marathon.


  26. I love the look on her face as she looks up at him, precious...and I love you hair!


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