Here's to a Whole Lotta Nuttin'

Addin' up to sumpin'. Maybe. Maybe not.

I feel like I've been in a bit of a blogging slump this week. I haven't posted much because it hasn't seemed like too much has been happening. Let's see what I can do with all of these tidbits. The excitement is not for the faint of heart, trust me.

Saturday was dear hub's birthday which was celebrated with candles, cake, and sprinkles. Was the cake made from scratch? Um, no. However, A. and I threw in a box of vanilla pudding to the yellow cake mix to spruce it up a bit. A. also applied the sprinkles. Generously.

Since we have The Monstrosity in our family room that was his birthday present to himself, A. and I gave Scott a sport watch. For when he runs, you know. Ahem. Scott also got a free car wash on his birthday and is playing golf today for free. Who knew there were so many free perks on your birthday, or within a week thereof?

In other news, I am pushing myself to get more creative. I want and need to use my craft supplies and stamps more than I have been, the guilt has become too burdensome. This week I signed up to be a Stampin'Up! demonstrator. I know! I have not quite yet formulated a plan as to what and when I will *demonstrate*, but it's official anyway.

I have to get busy trimming, mounting and of course, using, these fun new sets.

Let's see, what else...

I got inspired yesterday to vacuum our shutters (several actually, not only this one). Don't I live on the edge, or what? It's one of those annoying jobs I like to forget about and peacefully (lazily?) live in denial about until the sheer volume of gunk can no longer be ignored.

I must confess, friends, that I bailed on the park. Completely. I know, I know, shame, shame, shame should be my name, name, name. We spent the afternoon at Pappo's pool, so I think she forgave me.

This picture doesn't have anything to do with her missed park experience, but...

I have been perusing this catalog from Lands' End in the hopes of selecting a new suit for summer. I love, love, love their tankini tops and swim mini skirts. They are well made, stylish, and modest. Did I mention I love them? Have you tried them?

Now it's time for a little more hair talk. Please indulge me. After several days I am slowly coming to terms with my shorter hair. Freakishly shorter hair. I love the fact I can shower, run some gel through it and go. Very freeing. And fast. A. likes to ask me how I slept on my spiky hair. She has also taken it upon herself to be my official Hair Spiker.

I do however miss some of the softness around my face. Spiky short is a bit harsh. I can't hide behind my hair anymore, you know? I also have to be much more careful with my makeup. And my tweezers. Since some of you asked, here is a face shot from the other day. Not today though because I'm still bed headed and scary this morning, I'll spare you that trauma.

Along with fiddling with and pondering my hair, I have been reading a LOT more this past week, which has been delightful. Thanks to the authors, I've recently been to London, Wisconsin, Russia, Colorado, and now Virginia. I think it's a passive aggressive protest against The Monstrosity. WHATever.

That's it. You successfully made it to the end of this rambling assortment of nuttin' (cue applause). What kind of nuttin' have you been up to lately?


  1. I used to work in Stampin' Up!'s call center. It's a great company, you'll love it. If you can go (and if they still have them), convention is a must. So much fun!!

    I still love the hair!! :)

  2. You blog is just so cute like you. I love the hair. I need to vacume my blinds (thanks for reminding me) and also what color red is on your wall behind you husband? I want to paint a wall in my house red and I like that one. THanks

  3. Holly....your hair is precious! What a beauty you are, truly. The great thing about ultra short is that it changes and grows ultra fast, too!
    Would you send me a Stampin Up catalog? I will place a "nice" order and try to get some other orders together for a "catalog show". I love that stuff :)

  4. Jenn: We painted our kitchen and our morning room red about 4 years ago and love it. It's bold, but cheery. It was a paint from Lowe's called Hollyberry. Yeah, that name sold it for me. It's a bit deeper than that picture suggests.

  5. Ohhhhh. I love the hair! AND the idea that you will be doing stampin up! I am a bit surprised- but you are always full of surprises- Hee Hee!

    Happy birthday-late Scott!

    I have a bething suit from Lands End-Love it~

  6. That cake looks so good I can taste it! :) Happy late b'day Scott!

    Glad yall are having fun in Pappos pool! I know A is a little water bug.

    Love ya...

  7. Random posts are the best, I think. I giggled when you posted a picture of A. and said it had nothing to do with anything you just said. I thought that was so funny!

    I've bought a few Lands'End suits and they're great. I bought the coral print halter with coral skirt for this summer and so far so good. I love the length of the skirt.

  8. Stampin' Up! how much fun!!! Are you going to have a monthly club? Congrats! I think you will enjoy it.

    I do love the hair. There is no need to hide your pretty face. Happy b'day to Scott, I know those extra sprinkles made the cake!

  9. You've been BUSY! When you get a free moment, come on out to WA and take care of my blinds for me, will ya? Oh, and do you do ceiling fans, too? It is about time for those to be cleaned now that we're nearing the time to use them! :)

    Seriously, though, it sounds like you're doing some great things. Don't fret about skipping out on the park thing, I'm tempted to do the same on my son's last day this coming Thursday . . . but maybe it will rain like it has been for the last week and they'll just do a little celebration in the classroom. I guess I'll know soon enough!

  10. Oh Holly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!! Seriously, you look gorgeous!!! I'm very proud of you for vacuuming the blinds. I so need to do this. One of the small jobs the house keeper doesn't do and one I like to forget about. I mean, she wipes them, but it's not the same. Since I had the remodeling on the floors and stairs, there is a stubborn layer of dust. I am feeling very disgusted right now with myself, just confessing it. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  11. Yay! Now I know who to buy stamps from! I love stampin up & haven't used my supplies for FAR TOO LONG. I have an entire craft room full of stuff that I haven't used for 18 mos. Boo hoo.

    I love, love, LOVE the hair. The lack of softness around your face shows off THOSE KILLER CHEEKBONES.

  12. Oh Brianna, I can't say I've been busy with a straight face. Just odds and ends here and there. :)

    I'm looking forward to being a Stampin'Up! demonstrator! One of the main reasons is to push myself to be more creative and USE my stamps, supplies, etc.
    I'm still waiting for my kit materials to arrive, then I have to get myself all sorted out--which is something of a big ordeal. For me.

  13. fun post. great pict of scott.

    it is so hard to clean those plastic mini blinds and what ever kind of blinds we have in our room...they stay dusty, even when I do clean them!

    ha! the pool is better than the park! :) I have gotten to where I wear those athletic tanks and skorts (like you run in) for swimming. plus I just got another tank and some dri fit shorts to swim in that I like (perfect for swim, bike, run!)

  14. Your new hair is so cute! You have such a pretty, feminine face, you can totally pull of the spikes. It looks fab!

  15. I was glad to see that you had posted so much!!! I check your blog most days and wondered where you were last week - great updates. Thank you for the photo of your hair and your face!!! You look stunning!!!! I completely understand how you feel, missing the softness but it looks so funky and gorgeous, you will get used to it soon. As I mentioned the other day I stole your last photos of your old hair and am seeing my hairdresser this week - SO SCARED!!!! It not dis-similar to what I have but alot shorter around the sides and back so I will see if I am brave enough. I spoke to Jenn H over the weekend and she told me if I get it cut then I have to post a picture of it - thats scarey too!!!!!!!!! I dont like having my photo taken - ever!!! So I will let you all know if I end up doing it!!

    Have a great week Holly!!


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