May I Just Say...

How much I love my running skirt.

I know I have sung its praises before, but I felt the need to mention it again. Now that it is, like 800 degrees outside, running in a skirt (with thin bike-type shorties underneath) is breezy and cool. Maybe it's a mental thing, WHATever.

This skirt is from SkirtSports. I have worn a Champion version from Tar-jay, and struggled with the shorties not staying where they are supposed to. Grrr. Even though the SkirtSports version is a bit pricey, it is worth the investment. My thighs thank me each run.

I am concerned about the tomato crisis. Of course, I don't want people to get sick with salmonella. Ewwwww!

But I want my pico de gallo.

How excited am I to have received my books from Blurb? Very.

The small one is about our bluebonnet outing back in April. The ginormous one beside it is

wait for it...


I am downright gleeful to have a record of the past year and a halfish in my possession. Since I am a year and a halfish behind on my scrapbooks. At least I have this.

A. has slept all week in underwear. This constitutes a big deal. Really. Did you know that she is almost 5? Did you know that she was STILL sleeping in pull-ups? Did you know that Mama and Daddy were lazy and did not want to wake up to deal with her soaked PJs and sheets? Did you know I was concerned she might be wearing pull-ups at night time until Junior High?

As prices for gas and basically everything else have steadily risen, I could not allow myself to purchase another package of pull-ups. It was time for Mama and Daddy to get serious and deal with any possible accidents. You know, live in the real world.

She has been doing GREAT! Here is our strategy: be something of a drink Nazi in the evening and wake her up around 11:00-11:30 to go potty. It's been working all week with only one accident. I can live with those odds. She's pretty proud of herself too. See?

I guess Sadie is too. A. has also declared she wants to wear more dresses. Like on average, non-church related days.

Because they are twirly and fun. See?

I spent about three hours yesterday rearranging and rotating her closet so she can more easily fulfill this new whim. I aim to please.

Seriously though, her closet and her drawers were in dire need of attention. You know, sort through, weed out clothes that are too small, etc. It's really not that terrible of a task, and you feel like you've accomplished something when you finish. And yet. Still. If you haven't guessed, I am a classic avoider of certain things at times. I don't know why. I've avoided thinking about it.

After my skating renaissance the other day, I am contemplating my need for a pair of skates. The traditional four wheel kind of course. Do they even still sell them? Must investigate.

I had the BEST pair when I was a gangly preteen. They looked like blue tennis shoes, with fat yellow wheels. I thought I was so cool skating around with my friends, wearing my Gloria Vanderbilt (or was it Jordache?) jeans, Maybelline roll-on bubble gum lip gloss (ewww...that stuff was truly gross), and badly permed hair. And braces. Smelling faintly of Clearasil and Love's Baby Soft.

Clearly hot stuff. On giant yellow wheels.

I'll leave you with that image and wrap up this running skirt, tomato, blog book, night time underwear, closet organization, roller skating ramble. I have no idea how to cohesively tie all of those things together, but it looks like I tried anyway.

Good deed: swerved and slowed to avoid hitting squirrel in road the other day. I'm sure his family is thankful.


  1. Good morning Holly! I must say that the skirt is way to cute on your new skinny bod! Keep it up, my friend!

    And as for the tomato crisis... I am in no way affected! Welcome to Kim's world - free from slimy tomatoes! hahaha

    I can't wait to touch your blog book. I'm getting inspired!

    And a BIG FAT Woo-Hoo for A sleeping in undies all week! THat is a major accomplishment!

  2. This is truly the best post ever Holly! I love all of your random thoughts...it's like getting a peek into your mind :).

    Thanks for the teenage reminiscing too! If you find a place that sells roller skates let me know--I hate roller blades but I love roller skates!

  3. whew! that's a lot to think about for one post!!

    maybe I'll try my skirts just for running. hm, I usually just wear them for swimming...

    love the blog book and bluebonnet book. would love to see them. bet they are a hit in your home!

    making it through the night...PRICELESS!! good for her! good for you!!

    one last thing, I started a new site at my own domain (http://madameblogalot.com/) with another hopefully soon to follow! I added you to my blog roll. It's brand new right now, but maybe someday you can stop by and check it out!

  4. Okay- I am really with you on missing the pico... what's a girl to do?
    congrats on the underwear- that's huge- and fantastic!
    Also I am so glad you showed us your blurb- blog book!!! I really need to get on that, my goal is to get mine done next month. It looks great- was it hard to do?
    I don't know how you handle the heat with the humidity- we get heat (not this year, but it's coming)with no humidity & I think that's bad. Hope you don't melt :)

  5. i totally had the blue tennis shoe skates!! and i ROCKED 'em!!

    i am currently using the tar-jay skirt and bummed about the short parts, too. and? i bought something too big (how does that happen?!?) so i'm constantly hiking them up.

    that implies that i am running these days, but, in THIS heat?? are you kidding me? i'd rather be home taking my chances with the tomatoes...

    i want to BLURB!!

  6. Holly, this post was just plain FUN to read...thank you.

    I thought you were gonna say A. slept in her undies because of the heat. I'd say gas prices were a great reason to ditch the pull-ups. Way to go A!!

    How do you run in the Texas heat? I can barely walk in ours!

  7. I am so glad you did the blurb- How long did it take you? When I tried I was worn out by the time it was taking- maybe I was doing it all wrong! Any tips?

    I love your thought process! It is nice to read someone elses thoughts to get a break from your own for a while-Ha!

    Keep running girl! I am NOT getting out in that heat right now-Ha!

  8. I blog hopped here and I have to tell you...I {heart} running skirts. Seriously, I just discovered them and they are the BEST!
    I just stared running about a year ago. At first it was for quick weightloss and a quick way to tone up. But now? I'm hooked! But I haven't run any races or anything yet, they make me nervous.
    And one more thing...I also have a 4 yr old girl and she ONLY wears skirts, dresses and capris. No way, no how will she wear shorts. Shorts are for boys, they ARE.NOT.PRETTY.

  9. We just got out of pull ups too. We bribed him with 5 M&Ms every morning he was dry. I know, just 5, but hey, it's 7 am.
    Fun post for us readers.
    I'll have to check out the running skirts. They look cute.

  10. I absolutely, positively LOVE my running skirt.

  11. I am planning on buying a running skirt as soon as i'm released from the dr. I've been wanting to do a blurb book also. That's project for this summmer.

  12. So you love your blurb book? How long did it take you to do? Am I misled to think that it's a major pain the butt? I love your running skirt and love A's new thing for everyday dresses. The one she's wearing looks so cute on her and I bet it is fun to twirl around the house in it.

  13. Not to worry, my Luci wore pull ups at night until she was 5.

    Fun to see all these blurb books bloggers are making!

  14. Holly! I was just thinking about you the other day! I'm so glad you stopped by MCMB today!

    Oh, Blurb is so SO cool!!! I can't wait to do it myself.

    My skates were white with red laces and red wheels. My jeans were Lee or Jordache (but I only had one pair of those and they were hand me downs). My perm was BAD too. Ah, the lovely 80s.

    Congrats to the underwear girl! Woo hoo!!

    You should sign this entry in PSF on my blog! It totally qualifies!

  15. I got tomatoes from my grandpa's garden today!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. The running skirt is very cute, and I can definitely imagine the benefits of a breeze going on but I would have thigh rub happening. Is that not an issue? (I'm not a runner obviously.)

    It's so exciting seeing your Blurb book, I've got to get working on mine but I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it.

  17. I love my running skirt, too! (Not that I've worn it in the past 8 months.) It's a Brooks with bike shorts underneath. You're making me pine for it!...

    I've said this before, but I totally have calf-envy when you post SP's of your legs. I have cankles. Ugh.

    I'm in the same phase of closet-clearout! I've got a huge bin in the girls' room, ready to rotate the seasonal clothes...but can't seem to muster the energy to dig into the project.

    Wanna come over? I'll buy you a starbucks.

  18. I saw the skort and had to comment, I just got one from lands end and I really like it. I was skeptical, but the only bad thing is I think I needed a size smaller. It's a little baggy perfect for walks, not so good for running. I'm ordering another in a smaller size since they are on clearance for $10.


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