My Excuse for Being Behind on Laundry

Among other things.

I seem to have a slightly addictive personality. Running. Low-calorie ice cream treats. Chips and salsa. Now this...

and this...

and finally this.

If you had told me I would be swept up in a teenage*-Victorian-Gothic-mystic realms travelling-corset wearing-magic harnessing-fantasy romp I would have said, "Pish-posh."

But I have been. It's been rather fun too.

*I have been somewhat leery of teenage/young-adult series after muddling through Stephanie Meyer's teenage vampire trilogy. I know gaggles of young and not-so-young girls are probably mad at me now. Sorry. I enjoyed Libba Bray's writing style and clever dialogue much more. No, it's not the stuff of great literature by any means, but it has been a fun escape.


  1. I've seen these, but I wasn't sure. So, thank you for the review. I may have to check them out.

    And I completely agree about the Twilight series. I much prefer stories that are well-written and hers weren't. The Host is a bit better than the Twilight series, but still...

  2. There's nothing better than reading a book so good that laundry falls by the wayside. I haven't even attempted the Stephanie Meyer books because .... well, vampires? Do I really want to read a book about teenage vampires that by all accounts is not well written? I don't think so.

  3. This is the first place i've seen where the twilight series wasn't raved over! I read the first one but couldn't decide if I wanted to spend my time reading the other 2 so i haven't. I'll have to check these books out since I"m on a reading kick this summer! TFS!


  4. I didn't like twilight much either... haven't bothered with the other two...

  5. "Muddling through" describes Twilight perfectly! I had an ok time reading them, but I didn't go fanatical. I'll have to check out "Great & Terrible Beauty," I've been wondering about it.

  6. I share the low cal ice cream, chips and salsa addiction. LOL!

    It looks like fun reading.

  7. I finished the third one today. Of all of them, this one was my least favorite. A necessary end to the trilogy, but somewhat clunky and annoying. Oh well...


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