Sk8tr Girls

A. and I ventured out this afternoon to meet some friends at the local roller skating rink. When we left our house, to drive approximately 5 miles, it was only sprinkling. By the time we reached the rink it was a deluge. Nice. We waited in the car for a while listening to music.

After, oh, 20-30 minutes A. had enough of waiting out the rain. See?

We braved the slightly slackening elements and made it inside without melting too badly. This was going to be A.'s first roller skating experience. Needless to say she was convinced she would be able to skate immediately. She was full of grand plans and excitement.

Here we are with our skates. Can you tell which is which?

Bless her little wheel challenged heart! We made it around the rink a few times, slowly and with PLENTY of ups and downs on her sweet little wheels. She was able to skate on the carpeted areas pretty well, but not so well on the smooth wood. Just imagine skating with a noodle or an octopus on wheels. Her legs were going everywhich way. It was high comedy.

After a couple of trips around the rink I asked her if she wanted to skate or go jump in the bouncy play area.

Yeah, those skates were off fast enough to make your head spin and she was joyfully bouncing her brains loose.

What did her mama do? Skate of course! It ended up being a win-win.

We turned in our skates just in time to make it to happy hour at Sonic.

Ah, delightful!


  1. What a fun afternoon! Loved thinking about A's leg as noodles! hahaha!

  2. Oh I wish I would have known you had your camera! You know mine is in the shop! HA HA! I would have loved getting Macy falling a jillion times! HA Fun times! We need to do that again. I think the Moms had more fun.....(wink, wink)

  3. I haven't been roller skating in years...I'd be afraid I'd break something!!

    What a fun adventure for the two of you...and to even make it to happy hour at sonic! It sounds like a fun summer day!

  4. I know....what was with that rain storm!!?? I was out biking/ running in it!
    I haven't been rollerskating in forever...are you sore today?

  5. How fun! I used to love roller skating.

    And happy hour at sonic? sounds awesome.

    your hair is way too cute. :)

  6. Poor thing! First time at skating is NEVER fun. Tell her not to give up and try, try again!

  7. Ok, all I can think is broken leg on skates! I am going to have to get over my new phobia of having another broken leg in our family!

    I am glad yall had fun! Rain- what is that!

  8. i hope she'll try it again!!

    i would LOVE to see rain like that. for realz...

  9. So much fun!!!! P.s. your hair looks absolutely fantastic, I know I already said that earlier this week, but you look fabulous in that photo at Sonic - well tonight is the night, I am taking your gorgeous picture with me to the hairdresser, but I dont think I will be brave enough, but just know that a whole lot of Australians will be saying how gorgeous you are!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh how FUN! And they had real skates, not rollerblades! The sight of those skates--with the stoppers--really takes me back. I'm singing Rick Springfield right now! (our roller rink is associated in my memory w/ "Jessie's Girl." heehee)

    A's little 2-inch skates are so cute.

  11. Somehow I manage to make it to happy hour every day... Hmmmm...

    I am still in love with your hair. It is SOOO cute!

  12. Roller skating is hard to pick up. I took my kids a couple of years ago and they were both in tears because they were so frustrated. I thought it was hilarious, but they certainly didn't.

  13. Funny story! I love the second picture in the car - that look! It made me laugh!

  14. There is something wonderfully nostalgic and fun about roller rinks...

    Still loving your hair!


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