Take a Peek at My World

At least the reality of my world this morning. Approximately 8:30ish.

I saw this show and tell meme on Christie's and Jessica's blogs the other day, and decided I needed to play along too. I am a joiner, you know.

The rules are simple, all you do is photograph the state of certain things around your house and then blog about them. The catch though is you can't change anything or clean things up before you snap the photo.

Be warned though, this stuff is scintillating, I tell you.

First let's look around our kitchen.

The Refrigerator:

Nothing too exciting there. Yogurt, fruit, milk, cheese, yada, yada. Of course I have two huge Coconut Creme CoffeeMates in the door. I also have a carton of Half & Half since I'm trying to wean myself from the partially hydrogenated drink of death, known as non-dairy creamer. I'm not being quite successful yet.

The Kitchen Sink:

Pretty calm over here. I'm somewhat of a stickler about keeping the sink clean and clear. Can you say control issues? Moving on...

The Powder Room:

This is the powder room downstairs. It's usually kept up with pretty well. Now the others...well, just use THIS one okay?

My Self Portrait:

Since we just visited the loo, I thought I'd go ahead and snap my self-portrait. Quickly and from an appropriate distance because I just got back from my run. And baby, it's HOT outside. Even at 6:30 am.

The Laundry Room:

Right now, things are quiet, but these babies are going to be whirring soon. Trust me.
Master Closet:

I'm so sorry friends. Avert your eyes if you must. Our closet needs serious attention. Like I should stop typing and go work on it RIGHT NOW. But I don't want too.Waaah!
But look...I made the bed! But I do that every day, so don't pin a rose on my nose. Apparently my control issues are selective. If you look closer you'll see...

the pile of books around my nightstand. And a glimpse of miscellany stacked on the bench at the foot of our bed. Must tackle the stuff. But I don't want too! Waaah!

The Family Room:

Our armoire arrived Friday evening (at the later end of the delivery window, of course). Pause for a happy dance because The Monstrosity is contained! I feel the undeniable urge to redo the top of it, since I haphazardly stuck some of the old things we had up there and they are bugging me. I'll keep you posted. Hobby Lobby and Marshall's may need to be involved.

So what are the other living things doing around here this morning?

Well, the cats can't be disturbed right now. They sent a memo to say they will be napping in various locations until further notice. Or until Annelise goes to bed tonight.

This is a common sight...

Sadie sitting by the back door dreaming of being outside. Except, baby, it's HOT outside. So I think she is content to dream.

What is the resident kidlet doing while her Mama is otherwise engaged documenting our riveting life?

Well, let's see...



  1. Yay! I'm so glad you decided to play along. Your house is so darling. I think we need to have a meme about that - just give us a tour of your cute house. Please?

  2. Yes, it's a beautiful house. I love seeing little glimpses of it.

    I would play along, but I would hate for CPS to be alerted! :) Can't I just do a dab of rearranging first???

  3. What a fun game!!! I may have to join the fun soon! However, the kitchen sink WILL NOT be photographed until the plumber comes and fixes the disposal. Washing dishes using only one side is rather difficult, hence the LARGE pile gathered on the counter!

    LOVE the cage for Scott's new toy! So pretty.

    Love ya!

  4. Oh my!!! Your house looks GREAT and CLEAN! I would like you to raise your right hand and promise you did not clean your house before the pictures were taken!!!!heehee! No really...DO IT!!! Ha!

    Your house looks nice- i haven't seen it in over a year! SNIF! The colors and your new deco looks wonderful!

    Love ya girl!

  5. I love the pics of you documenting your house as-is during the day--I just wish mine looked that clean on the fly! BTW, I do so much love your new tv armoire--I know you've been waiting patiently for it. The tv does look quite massive in the picture below--I know Scott must be very proud! :)

  6. Hiya Holly,
    I'm sorry I've been MIA in the commments. I read daily. But I've fallen off with all my projects!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPP.....
    anyway- I wanted to do this meme but decided it wasn't worth the embarassment. I've already done that plenty. Funny that you think your closet was bad- need I remind you of mine?????
    I love your house. Wish we lived closer- we could hang out AND run together (though I've been on a running break since I hurt my knee on the big day).
    Thinking of you!

  7. I think it's an illusion of lighting or angles, because it's not super duper clean. I have piles and piles of stuff in odd places and two words--Golden Retriever. She is a hair machine with a tail.

    I realized I forgot two things on the meme, my favorite shoes would be Reef flip flops or Crocs and my favorite vacation would be a tropical beach resort.

  8. Your home is beautiful! It looks so relaxing and lovely. This is a fun idea for a meme. I am so behind on my regular posts, I'm not sure if I will do it, but perhaps one day I'll catch up!

  9. Your hair is so cute. I can't get over it.

    Also, I love the stacks by your bed. That's exactly what my side of the bed looks like. But not as artistic!

  10. This is a fun meme. I love seeing all these pictures of your beautiful home. I think having stacks of books by the nightstand is an acceptable mess for sure.

  11. that looks like fun. love all of your hardwoods!! i took up our living room rug, but the sand is Driving. Me. Crazy. rrgghhh!!

  12. I love the color of your bedroom! That's a fun game to play...I think I'll have to try it.

  13. Yeah, my bedside table also has the mounds of books everywhere. Love it.

    You look like that at 6:30am after a run?? Not fair.

  14. What a GORGEOUS home you have! I keep meaning to do this meme, but with pottytraining, I have had NO time this week.


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