Willy Nilly Wednesday

Can you sense the foreboding randomness? Brace yourself.

First of all, I am just tickled pink by all of your questions! Y'all made my day! Thanks for playing along and helping to clear out the cobwebs in my brain. If you would still like to ask a question, feel free. I will try to form cohesive thoughts and post my answers soon.

I woke this morning to the crash of a raging thunderstorm. At first I thought, "Swell, there goes my run." I had a few moments of guilt before I dozed back off. About 45 minutes later my alarm beeped. Since the storm had passed, I thought, "This morning is WW, I really need to go run."

About a mile or two into my run it started to rain. My rule is if it rains while I am running, and as long as it's not lightning, I stick it out. It might rain on race day, so you have to be prepared for those conditions, right? However, all bets are off if it's raining before the run and leaving the bed is required. The rain was delightful! Just enough to keep things less hot (I can't bring myself to say cooler). I was glad I got my 5 miles done, not only because of WW, but because last night we went to the Astros game. See?

I'll just go ahead and tell you, there were chili cheese fries involved. Yes ma'am. And a soft pretzel (shared 3 ways, but still).

A. enjoys the game as long as the food keeps rolling in steady intervals. Don't let her size fool you, she's small, but this girl can EAT. She ate a hot dog, shared a tub of popcorn with Scott, begged for cotton candy (um, no), and had some pretzel. Once the food parade stopped, she was packing her bags and tapping her foot to go.

Anyway, I'm glad I got my run done. I don't feel soooo terribly guilty. Just a smidge.

After WW, I stopped by HEB to restock on necessities like Skinny Cow. And milk. And for good measure I threw some fruit in the cart too. I must also confess, I did not have a Green shopping trip this time. I've been doing better at remembering to bring in the canvas tote bags. A.'s job is to crawl over into the back to retrieve them before we exit the car. Being small and eager has it's perks.

However, because of WW, she was at her Pappo's. I made it almost inside when I realized I didn't have the totes. In my weak defense, I did turn around and consider trudging back to the car, over the hot asphalt, in like 98 degree weather(it's not the heat so much, but the humidity... yeah, right.) But I didn't.

Sorry Mother Earth.

While I unloaded the groceries, Scott picked up A. from Pappo's. Scott works close to home, so most days he stops by the house for lunch. It's a treat. A. gets so ridiculously excited to ride in the green car, in the front seat, to travel two houses. I had to snap a picture of them.

I love how easily entertained young children can be. The simplest tasks are delightful to them. Why don't I remember that more often? A. had a blast making grape-scicles. It seriously took no effort, and hardly any supplies (grapes, skewers, freezer) and she was so happy. Note to self: remember this. Make more of an effort to do crafts with Annelise.

I guess that's enough willy nilly Wednesday randomness for now. I'm off to get busy answering your fun questions.

Do you ever feel willy nilly? What are some crafts/activities you like to do with your children? Have you ever run in the rain?


  1. My girls are all about "Projects". I keep all of the cards from birthdays and holidays...and all of the picture cards from Christmas in a box. So on random days I get it all out and my girls are busy for hours cutting and pasteing and making posters, books, cards, etc!

  2. I've never heard of grape popsicles before, what a fun idea for some one-on-one time! Annaliese is so very cute! I love that pink on her!

  3. Crap, I was complaining about running today and you ran in the rain. I have yet to attempt that unless you count the torrential down pour I got caught in once, my little one was not a happy camper.
    I might have to try the frozen grapes. My girl loves her some grapes.

  4. Haha! It's James' job to remember the bags, too!

    I'm going to make those grapesicles today. Thanks for the fun idea.

  5. need to try the grape sicles!


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