The BBBC: Tom Sawyer

Except not really.

All I can write about Tom Sawyer are my ever so faint memories of the 1970s movie with curly, red-headed Johnny What's-His-Freckled-Face conning his friends into painting the fence.

That's it.

See, I have not read July's BBBC selection yet. And I'm the one that picked it. Sigh.

I have been lost between 18th century Scotland and the American Colonies in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series(I just finished the fourth 900+ page tome, there are two remaining). It's been hard to tear myself away to begin reading about Tom's adventures.

I hope to be able to discuss Tom and Huck next month. Unlike me, if you did read Tom Sawyer and would like to share your thoughts, please post your link below.


  1. We'll forgive you since they are both connected we can catch your thoughts on both of them next month.

  2. I did buy the book and will do it together w/ my daughter later in the school year...


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