The Evidence

Of my addiction. Which has gotten out of control of late. Slightly.

Books are my drug of choice I suppose.

Exhibit A: My nightstand.

I am not sure when I will read these exactly, but it's comforting to know they are there waiting for me. Patiently. In my lame defense, the stack on the far left has been read and is waiting for me to cart them off to Half Price Books. I have no excuse for the other two stacks, other than the fact I lack self-control.

I do visit our local library, but I also lack patience. After waiting an incredibly long time for my turn with a book I had placed on hold (Outlander) I gave up and found it at HPB.

Exhibit B: My dealer.

Am I the only one that becomes giddy upon opening the door to Half Price Books? I seriously lose all track of time, I think it stands still as I browse. I love the challenge of having a list in hand and going on a book scavenger hunt every few weeks. I love the lower price (sometimes almost dirt cheap) and wide selection.

Yesterday, I found all of the Anne of Green Gables books for $1.48 each, and I could not resist.

Exhibit C: Sharing my addiction.

Tonight is my turn to host bunco, so I decided to combine rolling dice with a bit of book love. I have asked everyone to bring a wrapped copy of their favorite book to swap. We will pass books around as we play and then each player will reveal her new book at the end. It's kinda like a literary white elephant game. With dice. At least that's how it plays out in my head, we'll see.

Of course, I could not resist making sure to have a few extra to share in case someone forgets to bring theirs. The prizes are all book themed as well. I am taking huge liberties and assuming book themed prizes will be well received. I tend to forget sometimes that some people don't enjoy reading or read regularly. GASP!

I hope everyone has fun tonight. I'll keep you posted. Also, in a glaring demonstration of my procrastination tendencies, I still have several things to do and yet, here I am blogging. Must dash...

What are you reading right now? Do you share my addiction? Do you think books and bunco can peacefully coexist?


  1. My nightstand looks the same, but none of the piles on it have been read. I need to check out HPB. Right now I'm reading Bel Canto, which nearly everyone I know has read ages ago. I would totally love books + bunco.

  2. I am a big reader- but I am a "trash reader" HA! Currently I am reading Jackie Collins Married Lovers. See, I told you.. trash !

    My sister is a big mystery fan. We always talk about how we can not believe there are actually people who don't read. WHAT? I just can not imagine.

    I am impressed with your bunko ideas. I would not have the guts to do that with our group. I don't think it would go over well-

    Have you ever heard of www.bookmooch.com- I am a member and use it frequently.

  3. I am totally addicted to books and, for me, the library. Never have played Bunco.

    I'm reading The Other by David Guterson (snow falling on cedars) right now and am really liking it. So much so that I have ignored my children for most of the day. :)

  4. I hope you all have fun tonight. I am still 1/2 through a chick lit I started 5 months ago.

  5. Not only do I share you addiction, but I have been taking your advice on a few selections. I just finished the Libba Bray trilogy that you recommended a couple of weeks ago. Read all 3 of them in about a week.

    What should I read next, Holly? :)

  6. I've always been a slow reader, so haven't read much in the past. But, then I got into a book club and my friends have suggested lots of books that I have loved. So, now I am into reading again! Right now I'm working on 'The Hobbit'. I don't know why I want to read those books, I think I just want to be able to say that I have read the whole Lord of the Rings series! I am enjoying it, though. Is that weird??

    PS I LOVE the smell of new books! I bet you do, too. :o)

  7. My husband has finally become a book lover too! It's so fun. We both go book shopping, and stay up at night with our books. Addictive indeed.

    Sounds like a perfectly splendid bunko! Have fun!

  8. I love the idea of books & bunco! I don't belong to a bunco group but I substitute for one a couple of times a year-- really fun.

    1/2 price books!!!??? man I wish we had that store around here- or maybe it's better we don't. wow

    I love books but share a different addiction mine is magazines.... it's almost embarrassing. Do you think anyone would be interested in a magazine club... ha ha ha- that just made me laugh out loud ;)

  9. half price books! How cool is that? I am in that addiciton club as well. Now that I am in school though I have more textbook reading and less time for fun reading. :(

  10. Cool idea. Check out my website devoted to bunco. It has lots of free stuff and party ideas.

  11. LOL at the picture! I wish, I wish I shared in your addiction because I would learn, grow, and get lost in good fiction, but I only get to read a few books a year. If it's a good book I'll read and re-read the same page just to soak it in. I fall in love with the writer, I guess :) Mike reads a book every week and I'm amazed by his speed.

    I am looking for a good book for an upcoming beach trip. I was considering the Time Traveler's Wife. Have you read it?

  12. My nightstand resembles yours...I read mostly light (junk) fiction...I just finished Jennifer Weiner's Little Earthquakes. I noticed Zippy in one of your photos...it is a funny, quirky read. Enjoy!

  13. The picture of the stacks of books by your nightstand is so pleasing. It would take me months to read all of those, but I love to have books on-deck too. I definitely share your addiction.

    It's hard to imagine the book prizes not being well received, I hope they are.

  14. Loved, Loved, Loved Time Travelers Wife. Loved a Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Am reading The Historian, Shopaholic. I just discovered half price boos. Love it. I did get quite the little rush upon finding my books, and the deals! I too am impatient with waiting for books at library. Selling them back to half will be great fun!

    good post!

  15. someday, i will become a reader again. in the meantime, i will just gaze longingly at the photo of your nightstand!!

  16. I have been caught up in the Outlander series of books, by Diana Gabaldon lately. I am on book 3, Voyager, now. They are a cross between historical fiction-romance-sci-fi/fantasy (because of time travel). They are set between 1940s/1960s England and 18th century Scotland. Warning--parts though are blush inducing.

    One book I would recommend to EVERYONE in These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner.

    I love hauling a bag of books to HPB to sell and leaving with *free* replacements. It's a sickness.

  17. Funny. yesterday I did an "endtable post" too! Your pile puts my pile to shame!

  18. Ok this is off the sugject, but I just love your nightstand!
    I'm not much of a reader, even though I majored in English in college. Ironic?
    If I have some free time, I'm all about sewing!

  19. I stupidly use my time to do blogging or watching tv when I would actually rather be reading. I so enjoy reading. I really want to do it more!!!

    That pile cracks me up! You must be a HUGE reader!!

  20. Okay, for the record, I totally loved the Bunko and books last night. What a wonderful idea!! I can't wait to read my wins! And the smell of new books really is wonderful - I love bookstore smells. I have a whole book case of books I have not read yet. J got tired of my bed side looking like a library. Do you lend your books out, or do you give them away, or simply sell to HPB (my favorite book store!)?

  21. totally with you on HPB, I have been paring my addiction and using the library.

  22. great idea for books and bunco. I always give books for Christmas, not everyone loves them, but it's what I love to give...I finally had to "clean up" by bedside table....my three stacks are much shorter now! I just finished Les Miserables. have to say I did not love it....think I am going to go easy w/ some Agatha Christie next (just thinking last night--maybe I could do a unit study on Agatha Christie w/ my daughter next year...)

  23. I don't know if I could have given a book away if I was in your bunco group...maybe if I had two copies of something....

  24. Do I share your addiction? Oh, sister, DO I EVER!!! I remember going to the bookmobile on Saturdays when I was in jr. high and walking 4 blocks home with all the books I could carry. Books are a reason to live.

    Did you like Outlander???? I'd better catch up on your goodreads page & find out. I love that series. Jamie, grrrrr....I'll take him over wimpy vampire Edward ANY DAY.

  25. p.s. Your book-bunko-prizes are a FAB IDEA! Wish I could crash!

  26. We play for cash at my Bunco group but I like your book idea. Clever! FYI, I LOVE your nightstand too!!

  27. Silken: It sure would have been hard to give away my only copy of a favorite read. I found used copies at HPB for a bargain, so it turned out I didn't have to part with my copy. :)

    Daesha: I love to share my books, let me know if you would like to borrow something. I try to justify my purchase of so many books by the fact I sell them back to HPB. That's what I tell myself anyway. Glad you had fun--and won a prize!

    I've been hooked on getting suggestions from Goodreads.com, but I'll have to check out Bookmooch.com too. My to-read list on goodreads is terribly long, but at least it keeps track of what I think I want to eventually read. Bel Canto has been on that list for quite some time.

    Crystal: YES! I have loved the Outlander series so far. Claire and Jamie are the perfect match.

  28. just found a site you might like (have not checked out bookmooch yet) it's betterworld books (betterworld.com) they have free shipping and provide books and money for literacy campaigns and also do carbon offsets on their shipping (a few cents per book)

  29. you should meet my mom. we all love books, although, i realize my addiction and have to control it. (once i start a book, i literally CAN'T put it down. so with little ones about, i've kinda had to slow down on reading.) my mom on the other hand, her house looks like a book store. books are piled EVERYWHERE,

  30. Oh, girl! I am SOO with you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE 1/2 Price Books. I brought so many books out with me to Utah for the summer. I'm actually not reading as fast as I want, but I'm having such a great time and knowing I always have a book at the ready is a great comfort.

    Did I mention I love Half Price Books?


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