Girlfriends' Galleria Getaway

What do seven girls do when they spend a weekend away from their respective kidlets and husbands? Let's take a peek.


Friday lunch at La Madeleine

The biggest burger EVAH at The Cheesecake Factory--my supper Friday evening. I did show restraint and only ate half, in order to save room for this...

The cheesecake buffet. We ordered four slices and passed them around clockwise, each enjoying bit after bite until the plates looked like this...

Recharge with a late night coffee before heading over to the hotel (which was connected to the Galleria).

Breakfast Saturday morning. Yes, La Madeleine again. It never gets old.

Supper Saturday night. We wanted to take full advantage of being oh so close to The Cheesecake Factory, so we ate there again. For dessert we shared two slices of our favorites, Godiva and Kahula Coffee cheesecake. Mark your calendars because on July 30th they are celebrating their anniversary and will offer cheesecake for $1.50 a slice. Oh my.

PAMPER (but NOT the diapers)

On one of our many pit stops to the potty, we discovered a nail salon tucked away that could take all seven of us for pedicures. This was wave one.

I was in the second wave. It was so fun to do this together--we've never done that. Some of the girls experienced their very first pedicure, they might be hooked now.


Laughing ourselves silly trying to park in the parking garage, twice. Feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day when we ended up back in the SAME place after following the directions from the man at the hotel. Deciding not to sacrifice any more valuable shopping time and vowing not to visit the parking garage until it was time to leave Saturday night.
Just being together as girlfriends.

Staying up ridiculously late Friday night, er--Saturday morning chatting and laughing and planning.
Wearing pink and bling together.
Certain girls getting properly fitted at Nordstrom. The dressing room memory will live in infamy.

Being strangely surprised (and somewhat freaked out) by the enormous man and woman exiting the Westin ballroom as we were making another potty stop.

Hanging out in the hotel, putting on free mask samples, in our PJs. I found a new pair just for the trip. What can I say? The owls spoke to me.

Feeling slightly schlumpidinka while visiting the swanky women's lounge in Saks Fifth Avenue. Yes, another potty stop. What can I say? We're a bunch of girls.

We had to gather for a group photo, in the middle of the swanky Saks lounge, on the leopard print couch. If anyone looked at us funny, we just laughed and stared 'em down. What can I say? We're a bunch of girls.

*I will share another wonderful memory of this weekend in an upcoming post. It's worthy of it's own.


  1. What fun! Thanks for the tip about the cheesecake on July 30th.

    :::runs off to mark calendar:::

  2. Looks like tons of fun... It is great to have girlfriends and times like those..!

  3. stop being so darn cute! what a great weekend escape!! can't wait to read more :)

  4. what an awesome weekend! i LOVE cheesecake factory- i've been there once and was seriously smitten. there isn't one in ALASKA!!!! and my anniversary is the 30th. DANG IT! that would've been awesome.

  5. wow-
    that looks like the most fun ever!!!

  6. That looks like such a fun weekend, especially the group pedicures. I love having cute toes.

  7. Yay! Such fun!

    I love your new owl pjs.


  8. A perfect weekend with girlfriends!

  9. Loved reading about your girls trip. Good documentation!

  10. Yaa what an awesome weekend. The girls want to do that for Houston Marathon weekend. Still trying to convince the hub on letting me stay in a hotel in our own town without nothing being broken at home.

  11. Ok--I seriously think my stomach stretched out since that trip, because I have been so hungry since I got home (mostly for cheesecake, hmmm!) What a fun, fun, memorable trip--(L2, what's that?!!!!) ;)

  12. Oh Maria I know!! I have seriously got to throttle back on the eating party that's beeen going on--it's probably NOT going to be a good weigh-in at WW Weds. Oh well. It sure was fun! And tasty.

  13. That looks like SO MUCH fun!!!

    I love your hair BTW!

  14. How fun! OK. I am totally hungry now seeing all those food pictures.

  15. Oh my heavens that looks like fun. I love the line-up for the pedicures. You know, I've eaten at Cheesecake Factory before, but I've never had the CHEESECAKE.


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