Operation: Skirt

In an effort to fight summer schulmpidinka-ness, I conducted an experiment this week. No, said experiment will never make it to popular scientific journals (if there even are such things), but it did make it into the good 'ol blog.

I wondered how it would feel to be slightly more pulled together and presentable when I was out and about this week. Since A. would be going to VBS each morning, this gave me a reason to try my experiment this week.

Every morning I made an effort to shower (yes, huge deal), get dressed in a simple skirt, and have a minimum of make-up on before I dropped A. off at VBS.

Here is some of the evidence:

(I don't have a picture for Monday, but I wore a simple black skirt and t-shirt)

Yellow on Tuesday

Brownish bubble skirt on Wednesday

A. noticed I was a little more together this week and asked why I was wearing skirts more often.
I had to throw in this picture of A. and her pink Goop from VBS. I'm not quite sure how goop relates to Jesus walking on the water or healing the 10 lepers or anything, but she has been enjoying VBS just the same.

Grey cargo Thursday

Indian type print Friday

Does casual summer skirt + t-shirt + flips or flats = Not so schulmpidinka? In a word, YES.

While I don't think I will continue to wear skirts every single day, I will put them in the casual rotation more often. It's funny, I think there was a little more flip in my flip-flops this week. I actually felt better.

How do you fight schlumpidinka-ness? Do you like to wear casual skirts just because?


  1. I'm not sure how to pronounce or spell Schlum...but I get what you are saying! I try to wear skirts during the week, but find that I always change. If I can shower, dry my hair and manage a cute top - I feel like a new woman everyday! btw - love all those great skirts!

  2. oh yes....I work the skirt/tee/flip flops or flats ALL the time. Plus, they are cooler, aren't they?!
    A. must be at the science lab-themed VBS....G came home with slime in a beaker too!
    (love the photo with the pup in the background resting....he/she must not be amused! hee hee!)

  3. I love skirts. I'd wear them every day. I have a couple, and between them and my capri's, we've gotten through the summer so far.

  4. it's funny to read this, because i was thinking about issuing a skirt challenge back in may!! i have made much more of an effort to wear my skirts this year, and it has definitely made me feel more "on top of things." (of course, i have to *dress* everyday for work, but we are pretty casual here at the beach.)

    i think you are definitely on to something :)

  5. We're on the same wave length this week. I'm normally a capri or shorts type person. But this week, I decided to wear skirts. I'm going to do it more often because it made me feel all girly!

  6. Great idea!
    You have a lot of darling skirts-
    I'm gonna be keeping my eye out for some- you've definately got me thinking.
    I don't have your cute legs but still-
    VBS= fun times for A!!

  7. I like the brown bubble one best! I love a great skirt on a hot day. Houston humidity just calls for them! How did you "weather" all the rain?

  8. ok, so those skirts are fabulous and i want to know where you got them!
    also- you have some awesome legs, chica! i WISH i had calves like that!

  9. Oh, I LOVE this "Operation!!!!" I think another trip to the Loft is in store to give us more skirt options. And, the Friday skirt is one of my favorites of yours! :)

  10. I love the word schlumpidinka....

  11. I think the skirts felt a bit cooler and I certainly felt more girly, while still casual.

    A.'s VBS was called Power Lab, which seemed to be a cross between fun kid science and Jesus' power & miracles.

    The black skirt and brown bubble were from Target. The grey cargo and Indian print were actually from Goodwill. I know!

  12. Super cute skirts! My lil on e loved VBS I have the green slime in my pantry now. LOL!

  13. i had to laugh when i read your post earlier b/c i got up this morning and put on a skirt just because! I felt so good today so i think you are on to something. I even kept my nicer black sandals on so it didn't look so tacky (the other option was my black rubber flip flops that have just about had it!) The skirt I wore today came from the goodwill & I have another that came from there but I need a shirt to go with it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. It's no secret that how I look determines how I feel. MOOD and all. MAJORLY. Do you read the Flylady's blog? She stresses this importance everyday to dress to the nines! It doesn't take much to make me feel schlumpy. I am loving that word. I need more skirts. Definitely.

  15. Good for you. I try, but sometimes, I just like to be lazy. Unfortunately, my lazy has extended to my eating habits this summer, and it is getting a little snug out...

  16. I love Friday's skirt...i need to start hitting the thrift stores! I love summer skirts with tees. I think they are coolers & more comfortable than shorts. And you definitely get the pulled together effect without too much effort.

  17. I'm a skirt! After I saw the British What Not to Wear ladies say women should not wear shorts, I have thrown out all of my shorts but one pair! I even run in a skirt now. I love your blog and just added you to my favorites. :)

  18. Yes, I'm a big fan of skirts. I think they're much cooler than shorts and just as easy to throw on. I have to dress up every day for work, so on the weekends I tend to grub out a little. However, I almost always throw on a skirt or even a casual sundress if I'm going out to the grocery store, doing errands, etc.

  19. i have been wearing skirts casually recently because they look better on me than shorts... but this habit started this summer. I wish I would have realized this sooner...

  20. I've made an attempt this summer to do this. I do like them and feel good in them, and they are comfy! I have a hard time finding ones I like, though, that don't make me feel too dressed up. Yours are cute!


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