Five for Friday: The Snippy Version

1. Y'all. I don't know what exactly has happened to me, but I feel out of sorts with myself. Quite. I am blaming late night Olympic watching, camping (post coming soon), late nights this week with the Stampin'Up! party and bunco and a poor, okay, downright pitiful diet. (I so bailed on WW this week. I am an ostrich, head buried in denial.) I am also snippy. All I want to do is sit and consume large quantities of chocolate. Hmmm...I'm sensing a pattern here.

2. A. and I were an embarrassing 20 minutes late for her Meet the Teacher this morning. Yes. These late nights are NOT doing me any favors. She will be going to her Pre-K class 5 mornings a week this year, so we better get ourselves together by Monday. I am going to reserve judgment, but her little class is all boys, plus one other girl. I'm trying not to be concerned, but one boy has a reputation and another was constantly getting his pin pulled last year. I hope too much boy-ish behavior doesn't spread our way too much. I might get snippy.

3. This afternoon we went to see the Russian-American Kids' Circus. One of the things I regret not doing (among many) while we were actually in Moscow, was seeing the Moscow Circus. This act was not affiliated with them, but it was the same style. They did not allow pictures, so imagine lots of acrobatics, unicycle tricks, mind-boggling balancing, rapid fire juggling--you name it, they juggled it. It was a neat show.


A. could not get past the fact that there were no elephants. In fact no animals at all.

She felt slightly jipped. And snippy.

However, chasing bubbles from the blower out front of the convention center redeemed the overall outing.

Obligatory family portrait, yet separate. I tried to do a self-portrait, but people kept asking if I wanted them to take our picture. Nice, but I wasn't handing Baby over. So I have to settle for this. It was hot and we were hungry. And I was snippy too.

4. The approach of a new school year calls for new shoes. After much spirited debate and multiple styles tried and rejected (bless your sweet, patient heart Dillard's sales lady), we walked out with these. Yes, they are pink. There was no room for negotiation once A. slipped these on. Pink goes with everything, right?

5. I received this in the mail today:

I still can't believe someone asked little ol' me to review this book and sent me a free copy. For a snippy bookdweeb like me, it's the pinnacle of cool. Once again, these pesky late nights have messed up my reading routine too. I think I have been reading the same three pages of The Historian all week before passing out. Pity.

Time for a refill on chocolate. Otherwise I might get snippy.


  1. Nicole sends me books too on occasion!! Isn't it great to get a FREE book in the mail and to be asked to share your opinion!!

    I have also been rather out of it this week. My excuse is eating crazy too and I have not exercised ALL WEEK. I walked for 20 minutes on Sunday... I am so ashamed and my body is rebelling. I don't blame it.

    The circus seems great! I can't image a circus without animals though...

  2. You seems a little snippy today! LOL. Actually, I kinda feel the same. Too many late nights at the olympics! Your comment on my blog today made me laugh out loud (thanks!). I think my family thought I was a little psycho or something! :o)

  3. Now I can say that I "know" a book reviewer!!

  4. I like Snippy Holly. She reminds me more of me than Nice, Happy, Energetic, Do-Everything Holly.

    More chocolate, anyone?

  5. J would be annoyed too, if there weren't elephants and animals too.

    Free books rock. You'll have to let us know if you like it or not!

  6. What the heck? No elephants? I'd be snippy too!
    Love the pink shoes and the new book! Yea for you.

  7. I'm with Christy: Snippy Holly needs to be my friend.

    Late-Night Holly also needs to be my friend! I've had a week of crazy hours--between baby feedings and friend outings.

    How do you like The Historian? I haven't read it yet.

  8. How cool to get to read and review a book, you're a star!

  9. I am slightly jealous about your "book reviewer" status.

    And thanks for showing your snippy side!

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Historian--I'm about 3/4s finished--it's hefty. Who knew a story about Dracula/Vlad the Impaler written like historical fiction/mystery would hook me. I'm weird that way.

    Book reviewer??? BWAaahahahaaaa. Not sure about THAT...but I'll give it a try.

  11. I'm snippy today too....thats why we are such great friends. HA!!

  12. I'm snippy today too....thats why we are such great friends. HA!!

  13. oh yeah, I thought about going to that circus too! hope it was fun, even if there were no elephants!

    hope A has fun w/ school. five mornings, wow!! well, at least she's got her pink shoes if she has to be around all that testosterone (in waiting) every day!


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