Five for Friday

1. After a 2 week hiatus, the prodigal weight watcher returned to her meeting. That would be me. Mentally, I think I needed that break and now I feel a bit more focused on WW. The good news is I lost 4 more pounds, which equals a total 23 pound loss over the last 5 1/2 months. Yes, it's been painfully slow, and at times frustrating, but worth it. I am now working on reaching my overall goal. Except I'm still unclear as to what that is. Possibly 10 more pounds. Possibly.

2. I stopped by A.'s school yesterday to pay her tuition and left with this:

Her darling teacher made a wonderful scrapbook for her! It is full of her work throughout the year, along with art projects and lots of pictures to remember her Pre-K3 year.

Did you know you small children can paint with almost anything? You name it, they probably used it as a paintbrush. I just got tickled as I looked through the pages and thought, "Oh. Corn cobs. Neat! Marbles? Who knew?" and on and on. Bless her sweet teacher's heart!

This is such a treasure to me since I am dreadfully behind on scrapbooks. This one is chock full of memories and is ready to enjoy. A. has looked at it several times so far and seems quite delighted with "her book". Thank you Mrs. O!

3. Speaking of A., she has been talking more and more about missing her MeeMaw. She passed away two years ago, and A. is processing her death and absence more now than she did then. I think the fact that her Pappo (my dad) recently remarried has stirred up feelings and questions, which is only normal. We've tried to be laid back about Pappo and Miss Peggy and want to let A. develop a relationship with her, yet still remember MeeMaw.

The other day A. drew this picture and explained it was MeeMaw up in heaven looking down over A. playing in the yard. Oh my goodness, my heart almost burst y'all from the sweetness.

Any ideas or suggestions to help her work through missing her MeeMaw and adjusting to Miss Peggy?

4. Look! Scott is going to read a book!

I had to document this because I'm thrilled. He claims he used to read, and I know he can, however he chooses not to. He has been "reading" Red Dragon off and on since 2001. Yes. He did read a John Grisham book on the airplane from Russia. That was 2004. Maybe Steve Martin will be a spark. I refuse to give up hope.

5. What on earth am I going to do now that SYTYCD is over? My head is still spinning by the amazing talent of those dancers! Oh, I know...watch the Olympics. I can't wait to soak up the sports, spirit and inspirational stories. I'll be sure to keep my Kleenex close, some of their profiles twist my heart into knots.


  1. Yeah for you and losing that weight! Not that you didn't look amazing before.... :)

  2. Her picture is perfect. Makes me a little teary. :)

    Holy cow, woman. 23 pounds!! Great job.

  3. I think that's it is AMAZING that you've lost 23 pounds in 5 months!!
    Try 25 pounds in a year...yeah, now that's SLLOOOOOOWWWWW.

  4. Holly....
    Rhett just started reading the past few months. I have NEVER seen him read a whole book in 12 years. Truly. Now he can't get enough....seems that Buford Pusser/Walking Tall interests him. True Crime in Tennessee. There are lots of books and it seems he is spinning off into other directions. Makes me smile when we can both relax at night with a good book and be quiet together!
    Maybe make a small scrapbook/photo book of MeeMaw for A. Maybe together you could work on it, asking her different questions/memories to document. Just a thought.....
    Congrats on your weight loss...very happy for you:)
    love, Amy

  5. wow I am so impressed with your WW success!! way to go

    what a great thing for a teacher to do - the scrapbook is awesome.

    what a sweetie that A is- my kids haven't yet experienced the loss of a grandparent thankfully- that's going to be tough. It sounds like you are doing a great job with her.

  6. Congratulations on losing 4 more pounds!! That's so fantastic. I have seriously derailed from any fitness efforts whatsoever. I keep telling myself I'll get back on track when school starts and we have a normal routine again.

  7. That picture of MeeMaw in heaven in just precious.

    23 POUNDS???? I bow to your awesomeness. (and to your svelt-ness)

  8. I think if you lose 10 more pounds you will be able to share clothing with your daughter!!

    Her drawing is so innocent...that's how I pictured my deceased grandmother when I was little. (I was always afraid she could see me in the bathroom...)

  9. Woo Hoo is all I have to say about 23lbs! Congrats!!!

    I love the preschool book. Yea, who knew you could paint some many different ways!

  10. Sweet sweet A. That is so precious. Since you all love to read maybe she could make a memory book. You could include photos and journal her thoughts in it. Let her draw and color and then take it and get it bound some way. Then she could read it and have a wonderful sense of pride that she did all by herself knowing how proud MeMaw would be.

  11. I love the Olympics. I am kicking myself for missing the opening ceremonies!! (took daughter to a play, so it's good, but....)

  12. you are rockin' ww! and that picture a drew...oh so cute. :)

  13. Amazing!

    And what a neat teacher!

    My husband has finally gotten into reading the past couple of months. It blows my mind--I love it.

    So sad I will be missing SYTYCD until next summer.

  14. Hey I am glad taht you got your poacakge and enjoyed it.I jsut fnisihed reading the book you sent and I loved it. Great read! I think thats awesome that you do weight watchers too. I have beend oign it about a year now and lost 50 pounds. We just moved and during our move I wans't good about it but last week I got back on the wagon and started excercising again. I lost three pounds so I was proud of myself. glad to hear you are a ww girl toO!

  15. Great news on the weight loss! Keep it up.
    That scrapbook is so cute. That teacher must really love her students. That is a lot of hard work. What a sweetheart.


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