In Which I Channel Van Halen

Running With the Devil, to be precise.

Or even Running on Empty by Jackson Browne.

In other words, my long run on Saturday was rather difficult. Quite.

The first half, I may even go so far as to say three-quarters, was bearable. Somewhere though during the last 3 or 4 miles I fell apart. The heat. The life sucking humidity. The sidewalk. The sweat dripping from my skirt. The people leisurely driving by to pick up doughnuts. You name it, I probably hated it and strongly resented it during those last miles. Instead of 14 miles, I managed 13 and called it a day.

On the positive side, I finished. And I enjoyed my music along the way. I recently freshened up my iPOD with a few new tunes which were well received, I might add. Just in case you are wondering, I'll share a few with you:

In honor of So You Think You Can Dance, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and The Garden by Mirah (By the way, how much did I *heart* Mark? Um...lots. He was so quirky and fun.)
Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
Viva la Lida, Clocks and Violet Hill by Coldplay
Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5
And I'll just go ahead and admit this...extended dance mixes of Situation and Don't Go by Yaz. Clearly I didn't hear these enough in the late 80s and early 90s.

Next Saturday calls for 15 miles. I am already psyching myself up. Or out. My plan is to start even earlier to beat more of the heat. I also need to make sure I start out slower (yes, even slower than usual) to conserve my energy for the second half. I am also going to experiment with taking my Gu (Espresso Love) a little earlier than I usually do and take it more often (2 instead of 1). I hope that helps me sustain my energy better.

What songs are playing in your ears lately? What do you eat on longer runs? Who are you rooting for on So You Think You Can Dance?


  1. Uh, so maybe I convinced myself that I was too sick to run just 3 miles into my 14 miler. Really the only thing I'm convinced about is the fact that I'm a total wuss and couldn't hack it. Good for you for finishing!!

  2. Oh, my current fave song is Untouched by The Veronicas. I can't help but sprint when I hear it, it's quite the motivator. I also like Forever by Chris Brown. It's fun. Incidentally both of those songs have been featured on SYTYCD. I love that show. I would like Joshua or Katee to win. THey're great.

    I don't really eat anything on my long runs, well a gu halfway through (chocolate, but I'm experimenting with caramel next week). What I want to know is what people eat the night before. I'm not fueling myself efficiently and i'm definitely paying for it on my runs. I need help, desperately!

  3. You rock star you!! 13 miles is AWESOME!!
    I recently added a little spice into my music too.
    Stronger ~ Kanye West
    Shake It ~ Metro Station
    My Hump ~ Black Eye Peas
    Blister in the Sun ~ Violent Femmes

    This is such a good topic! I always wonder what other people are running to, as I'm always looking for new songs.

  4. hey holly! so i wanted to comment earlier, but somehow your blog started getting blocked by my computer!!! as for running self-esteem issues, i can so empathize with you. you DID complete a marathon, though- YOU did it. nobody else and you can't fake 26.2 miles. :)

    good job on the 13. i think it's smart that you knew when to pull out of the 14. it sounds like you've got a plan for the longer mileage and you're convincing me that maybe i WILL run a little longer this year. i'm not training for the marathon but i am doing a lot of treadmill work. friday i pumped it up to 8 inspired by your long run. :)

    i'm a banana eater. if i can eat one during the run, i will. if not, i have been loving shot bloks- the orange kind. they have a caffeine supplement that's minor, but gives a kick. i don't drink a lot of caffeine, though, so that may be why i get a buzz from it! gus tend to be hard on my stomach. i also eat power bars on long runs, but you need a ton of water.

    way to go!!!!!!

  5. Nice job on the 13 miles, and good for you for listening to your body and knowing when not to push it. On my long runs, I eat gummy bears. My stomach has never had a problem with them.

  6. Anne: I don't always eat the best things the night before a long run either. I wish I had the magic combo that would give me fuel, but not risk upsetting my stomach or sitting there like a rock. Sometimes a sandwich, or pasta, or baked potato. This Friday night I had some pizza and I think that was TOO heavy to run on the next morning.

    I'm going to check out The Veronicas.

    Jen & Running Knitter: I alternate between Gu(Espresso Love) and Clif Shot Blocks(I like either black cherry or margarita). I'll have to try gummy bears too. I tried the sports beans, but felt like I had to keep eating them. I also like pretzels or almonds, if I remember to bring them and have room.

    One other song I added, but forgot to mention is Lady GaGa Just Dance. Pretty peppy.

  7. Hi! I love your blog! I am trainging for the Las Vegas marathon, but it is not until Dec. I am running the Disneyland half in 4 weeks. I have only run one other half. My question for you is where do you carry the things you eat during your runs? I wore a jacket in my first half (in Jan.) so I had pockets, but for my race coming up I am not sure what I am going to do. Super job on your long run on Sat.

  8. Pam: Good question! My running skirt and my favorite pair of running shorts have a pocket. I also have a pair of Race Ready shorts that have several net pockets along the back. They make several styles for men and women--check out raceready.com

    I usually wear my Fuel Belt (hydration thing) and I safety pin the packets of Gu to the side of the belt, through the top of the packet and just tear them off when I'm ready.

    Good luck at Disneyland!

  9. This may make you laugh, but my current favorite music to play while running (the small amount that I do) is Irish Folk Music! Anyway, I can't believe you can even do a small amount of running in Texas. Whenever I visit my sis in Cypress, all I want to do is stay inside! Sorry your run was difficult, hope next week goes better! SYTYCD, I'm routing any of them, although my favorite was Mark!
    Michelle A.

  10. Congrats on finishing a tough run! I'm impressed you kept going even when it was rough. Please post about the gu and if it helps!

    After seeing Mama Mia! this weekend I think I will be adding some ABBA to my playlist.

    On SYTYCD I think I am rooting for Joshua, but I would be happy with any of the final four. They make me weep with their talent!

  11. I love, love, love Heed by Hammer Nutrition. We are out of it and I miss it. I just ordered some electrolyte drink mixes if you want to try some (nothing artificial in them) I also love the clif shot bloks but love the clif gels more (again, nothing artificial) Hammer makes good gels too (nothing artificial!) and I really like their products, when we get them (have to order, but apparently some of the running stores around here have some products...)

  12. Ok, excuse me for asking such a dumb question. But when the "average" (by average I'm talking not people that are trying to qualify for the Boston) person says that they ran a marathon...does that mean running the whole time or is it more of a run some/walk some type of thing?
    I'm just curious and I don't know who else to ask!

  13. Amber: Not a silly question at all. I think everyone approaches the marathon in a different way. Some run the entire distance, others run and only walk through the water stations or every 2 miles or so, others follow a set run:walk interval pattern (which is what I do). Then there are factors you can't control that can alter your plan, the weather, not feeling 100%, pain, etc. and you might have to adjust your approach--even durng the race.

  14. hope you don't mind but I sent you an email to the Hammer Nutrition site. you might find something you like there. We love the Heed and the Recoverite. Good stuff!

  15. Holly, your advice is awesome. I'm so glad to have you around! I'm so glad to hear that you walked some on your marathon, that makes me feel better. I really thought you had run the whole thing and that was what I was going to have to do. It makes me feel better knowing that I can walk a little if I need to. :o)

    OK, I'm a geek, but I have tween girls at home and so I hear a lot of Hanna Montana and the jonas brothers. Some of their songs are really good. It's teeny bopper music but it makes me feel young and the words and beat pump me up! Just good ol' positive music.

  16. I want one of the guys to win. Don't care which one they are both amazing dancers.

    15 miles. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

  17. I love YAZ, too, as a running tune! Gotta love Don't Go; I'm instantly right back in 7th grade & channel all my jr high angst into my run! It works.

    I've been refreshing my ipod this month in hopes of getting back into it. I even bought new shoes (Pearl Izumi...ahhhh...), but can't seem to break away from the newborn! Helllllp.

    Let's swap some music, shall we? I'll burn you some cd's. You know, during all my middle-of-the-night spare time when I'm up with the hatchling.


    (and 13 miles is quite enough, missy!)

  18. Heehee--I had to laugh when I read Amber Kay's comment...I just downloaded "Blister in the Sun" last week!

    And as for what Michelle A. said: I gotta admit that some rollicking bagpipe music gets a girl kicking up her heels.

    Yes. I'm weird.

  19. Now that I'm not preggo anymore I want to start running too just not quite sure how to start!

    I can't imagine runnig 13 miles...you go girl! If I ran a mile I would be so proud of myself...how sad!

  20. I can't imagine running like that- especially in the heat & humidity!

    You Rock!!


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