In Which I Commune With Nature

And mosquitoes as large as my head.

This afternoon I will be venturing out into the deep Piney Woods for the weekend. I'll be helping as a chaperone for the Big Sis/Little Sis camping trip for our teen girls from church. The weekend will be rife with hiking, canoeing, chatting, horseback riding, game playing, laughing, campfire devotionals and of course...s'mores.

Wish me luck.

On another note: Like most everyone else, I have been enthralled by all of the wonderful Olympic drama this week. The swimming! The gymnastics! The athlete profiles! (Now, the beach-volleyball-in-skimpy-scanty-bikinis...not really my thing.)

However, I have found something quite distracting while trying to watch the Women's Gymnastics. It's very disturbing.

In the words of David Spade, 1992 called and wants its scrunchies back.


  1. I'm with you, why do the women's volleyball players have to wear such skimpy outfits when the men don't? I can't imagine they enjoy those wedgies! Ha

    I love the scrunchie comment, I was thinking the same thing watching the gymnastics, which is so addictive by the way.

    PS I'm Jill's sister thanks for letting me drop by

  2. oh my gosh- i totally about lost the hot chocolate i was drinking through my nose when i read that last line! :) so funny. and so true.

    have a great time on your trip!!! it sounds like fun! (take deet!)

  3. Oh, I hear ya. The scrunchies have GOT to go! Isn't there some other more updated way to keep one's hair back??

  4. So true about the scrunchies.

    Oh, I say it's waaaaay too hot for camping this time of year!!

  5. I love that you pointed this out Holly! So funny! Have fun this weekend - you are so awesome to help out!

  6. are you coming north? I need to come visit you at camp!

  7. I thought the same thing about the scrunchies. I like the added color on the pony tail, but maybe a ribbon would get the job done in a less dated way.

  8. I was thinking the same thing when I saw those scrunchies!!

    what's the deal with the volleyball swim suits? I think i've made too much of a big deal about them at my house... but gee talk about ridiculous.

  9. The word "rife" is sadly underused these days. I love that it's part of your vocab!

    I'm with ya on the scrunchies. I also noticed that. I fall on the ribbon-bow side of things, myself.

    How 'bout those semi-nude swimmers, though?! Hubba hubba.

  10. Holly - I thought the same thing! Scrunchies, really!?!

  11. Can you believe SCRUNCHIES? I still have a drawer full from the girls. Heather would die but when Macy was at Camp Neena I let her do her own hair one night before we went out to eat. She had 4 of them in her hair....all different colors. She got lots of compliments on her stylist and was proud to tell them she had done it herself. Personally, I wish french braids would come back. I love the tightness it gave my face! LOL.

  12. HAHAHA I thought the same thing about the scrunchies. I think those Gooddy sport rubberbands would do the trick.

  13. Have fun at camp. And good luck with the bugs! UGGHH..

    I still have my scrunchies in a drawer ~ maybe they'll make a comeback someday! I'm sad I threw out all my rubber bracelets from the eigth grade! They are back now! Oh, well.....

  14. Have a fun week. Bring a flyswatter for those mosquitoes!

    Let's hope for a scrunchies free 2012!

  15. Can't wait to hear about the campout...and everytime I see a scrunchie, I think of you.


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