In Which I Feel Slightly Famous

Do you know Gabi?

Consider yourself fortunate if you do, and if you haven't met her yet, scurry on over to her blog soon. It's a treat! Really.

Ever so often she shares her eclectic circle of family, friends in real life and bloggy friends through her GabTalk 7 Question Interviews. Topics are wide reaching, from military marriages, throwing the perfect party, moving, dealing with health challenges, important hair decisions (we are always up for a good hair discussion, right?), serving in your local community, and many more interesting subjects. They are always a joy to read, and it's fun to "meet" more of her social circle.

Are you sitting down?


This week she interviewed ME about my reading obsession and all things bookworm-y. I Know!

Grab a glass or mug of your favorite beverage and pop on over to An Interview with a Bookworm. (Totally not related to Anne Rice. At all.)

Then feel free to jest and mock to your heart's content.

P.S. Another moment of feeling slightly famous: Imagine my bewilderment when I received an email from a publicist asking me if I would like to receive a free copy of Beth Gutcheon's new novel Good-Bye and Amen and then review it on my blog. I Know!

Um...how fast can I say YES?!?


  1. Holly, the interview was GREAT! I'm friends with a blog star!

    Girl, thank you for sharing all your "finds" with me! I always love the books you send my way- Thank you!

    Miss Ya Tons!

  2. woo hoo Holly! Doesn't that make you just feel all sweet inside?!

    I was called a "blog-ebrity" over the weekend. Really makes you smile :)
    But YOU are more of a blogebrity that I am, that I am certain of!!!

    Hope school is going good for Miss A :)

  3. Holly...This was one of my all time favorite intervies. Because I always felt nerdy as a kid who loved to read, I am thrilled when I meet someone who makes literacy look COOL!

  4. Oh My GOSH!!!! I am going to run over there and read the interview. then I'll fly back and respond. Butt getting asked to review a book on your blog? Girl... you are famous now!

  5. Yeah! I can't believe I almost know a famous person! Congrats. Can't wait to hear your book reviews!

  6. How exciting! It is great when you get reached from your blog asking for your input.

  7. Yes, you are a blogging superstar. The picture of you on her blog is so cute too.

  8. Oh-MY-Gosh!!
    You are on fire girl!

    Go Holly- that is so great-

    I can't wait to go check it out.
    I just had to comment really fast because I am so excited for you...

  9. Yippee! and Yippee! way to go Holly. getting "famouser" all the time! :)

  10. Hahahaha...y'all are too funny and sweet. Thanks.

    I keep singing that Brad Paisley song Celebrity. Yes, there was a time I watched way too much CMT. Hope we can still be friends.

    I really was surprised about the book review thing--since I had recently posted I was planning on reading it. I guess she "found" me through Goodreads or my blog. Pretty cool though.

  11. ok, so how cool is this?! you are totally famous. :) how exciting that you get to do a book review!!!


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