My Addictive Personality Strikes Again

In a bold move, I have put the Outlander series aside for a while in order to read some books that have been whispering to me from my Goodreads list and my nightstand. Have no fear, I will return to Clare and Jamie Fraser's 18th century adventures soon.

Yesterday evening Scott and A. went to see a Houston Dynamo game. That's soccer by the way. They were sweet enough to let me stay home.

You should have seen my own personal happy dance as they drove off.

I piddled around a bit and soon realized I was hungry. Can you guess what I did?
I quickly grabbed my book and my purse, hightailed it out the door...

and took myself out on my own dinner date to La Madeleine. Spinach salad with chicken(dressing on the side), steaming cup of tomato basil soup, mini lemon tart combined with a table for one and a book...well, it was DEE-lightful my friends.

About the book though, I am just beginning Leeway Cottage by Beth Gutcheon. I have enjoyed most of her books; More Than You Know and Domestic Pleasures are my favorites. There is a semi-sequel to Leeway Cottage titled Good Bye and Amen that I'll probably read after this one.


As if the books stacked on and around my nightstand aren't enough to keep me occupied, I begged to stop by the library after church and lunch today. I was feeling a strong surge of I-Must-Get-My-Hot-Little-Hands-on-These-Books-Now mania.

My family kindly obliged.

Then Scott slightly gasped when he saw me lug this diverse stack to the checkout counter.

I tried my ever so effective Innocent Face on him. And reminded him at least we were at the library after all.

So in all actuality it may be a while until I finish the Outlander series. I am pretty sure I'll be renewing several of these too, since a few are quite hefty.

Oh, and before I forget...what should I do about this?

Do I make room for it in the rotation? Hmm...I remain on the fence. I'll probably break down and elbow my way through the teen girls in line to get my own copy. I don't really care about Bella, but I feel obligated to check in on Edward and see how he is faring. That's all. Purely altruistic. Promise.

Have you read any of these? Aren't you proud of my going to the library instead of spending $$$? Do you suffer from Must Get My Hot Little Hands on These Books Now mania too?


  1. BREAKING DAWN is waiting on me too! I didn't realize you were reading them too!

  2. I did read the Twilight series and waffled between wanting to throw the book against the wall, slap Bella and read more about Edward. I have mixed feelings.

  3. my daughter refused to finish breaking dawn after the first 100 pages....

    I have book mania myself- yep- i'm not the avid reader you are but I just have to have certain books.
    I love them.

  4. Bella's a twit. But that's why it's written for teens I guess.

    You gotta read it. Just so you'll have closure. =)

  5. Oh, how jealous am I!? Dinner at Le Madeline and reading? Doesn't get better.

  6. I stopped at Barnes and Noble yesterday and WAY TOO MANY books that I had to have were in the discount section. I quickly paid for everything while Steve was still wandering around. He accused me of trying to avoid his shock, but I was just honest, I needed a bag to carry them. Too heavy.

  7. As always, I love your picks. I will have to add you to my friends at Good Reads. I haven't kept this up very well, but maybe now that school will be starting again.

    We love the library and are headed there this afternoon. My teen daughter actually thought ahead and put the first hold on Breaking Dawn months ago, so she has first dibs on it there.

  8. I haven't read the Twilight series...now I'm wondering if I should see what all the hype is about.

  9. Barnes and Noble is a dangerous, dangerous place!

    I really like getting updates from friends on Goodreads and seeing what everyone is reading. I think it's a great way to spread some book love. Thanks for adding me.

    The Twilight series is like cotton candy. It's a fun read about teen drama and vampires. Let's just say your brain won't be taxed by the effort.

  10. I have not read anything in your stack, and have to admit I've only just now gotten clued in about the Twilight Series, so have not even pondered reading that either. BUT! HOORAY! That tomato soup at La Madeleine was one of only a few things I could eat when I was pregnant so it's near and dear to my heart. If nothing else, I can always comment thoughtfully on anything related to food! ha!

  11. I love getting books at the library...but sometimes I just cannot wait! I have read a few that you have there...i love Haven Kimmel's quirky memoirs and I have read bits & pieces of Bill Bryson.

  12. love the idea about La Madeleine and a book, sounds so perfect! I might have to try that on Sunday nights when my family is all gone....

    hey, we have The Historian, so you can borrow it (son's required reading last year)

    I am going to do an Agatha Christie unit study w/ my daughter. do you have any of her books? how about And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians)?

  13. Dinner alone and a book sounds heavenly. I'm jealous.

    I noticed "The Historian" in your stack. Loved it. Happy reading.

  14. I cannot BELIEVE you could put Jamie and Claire down. Are you mad???

    I haven't updated my Goodreads for so long. But I love reading yours!

  15. I haven't been reading much for fun but I do LOVE that same tomato basil soup for sure!!


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