Ruminations on a Run

Not crazy about alarm waking me up at 4:00am Saturday morning.
Brief thoughts of staying in bed.
Quick realization that the MCM is 2 months away. No excuses.
Glad for early start (5:15) to beat back the sun a bit.
How many times did I listen to Viva La Vida by Coldplay? No less than 3.
Started out slower, that did help on return trip.
Gu at 5 miles and at 10. This was MUCH better than last week. I felt like I still had some fuel in my tank at the end.
Thankful for the ice cold water jugs along the course. Very. Thankful.
Nice change to run by the marina, twice. I imagined what it would be like to go out on one of those yachts or giganto sailboats. I have no frame of reference.
Shades of salmon seem to be popular among the older male golf set this summer. I was envious of their carts.
Finished 15 miles.
Collapsed in sweaty puddle. But a slightly proud puddle.


  1. You rock! I can't make the time to get on the treadmill in my house, let alone walk outside. Good for you!!

  2. way to go!!! i'm excited you got it done! :) isn't it funny what random things we start to think about during runs?

  3. You are awesome and incredible!!! Good for you for getting it done!!

  4. I love your title Holly - very clever and congrats!

  5. Well done Holly - an amazing achievement, I stand in awe!!!

  6. Great job on the 15 from another "OMG the Marathon is in two months" trainee.

  7. Slightly proud puddle?? I would think it would be a beamingly proud, shout it from the rooftops puddle!! Way to go!

  8. I like your ruminations. So descriptive, yet simple.

    Have you seen that New Balance commercial about the love/hate relationship with running? Google it. It's right up your alley.

  9. Good for you! And you would have collapsed in a puddle even if you had run 5 miles with all our humidity. So I think the puddle that is you should have been prouder.

  10. YAY!! viva la vida is one of jack's fave songs at the moment, so i probably have you beat on the number of times i've heard it in one sitting...

    this is the first week there's been a break in the humidity, and i *almost* feel like i could get back out there in it!

  11. way to go!!!

    guess I gotta quit whining about my 6 am wake up call on Saturdays....you are well on your way by then!

  12. You are really inspiring me! Keep it up!

  13. Oh girl, when I get back to Texas, I am so getting back on the wagon. I have eaten badly and exercised pretty much not at all. UGH! My body shows it. But really, I can't wait to jump on the treadmill!

  14. I would be in a puddle but you don't even want to know. GO GIRL! You are killing me!

  15. Those long runs are so hard. I am training for a marathon too- Top of Utah. We just did our first 20 miler last week and it was tough. Good luck with your marathon!


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