A Slow Learning Curve

It has taken four days, but we finally did it. I must say I'm a little bit proud of our little selves. We left for school this morning IN A REASONABLE TIME and arrived--are you ready for this--FIVE minutes early.

I said a prayer of thanksgiving in the car. Really.

A. gets up in plenty of time, but bless her little heart, she's a piddler. A dawdler. A wool gatherer. She knows she is supposed to potty, brush her teeth, get dressed and make her bed. You wouldn't think those tasks would require close to an hour with many vocal nudges along the way, but it does.

This morning though went much more smoothly. And more smiley. See?

Of course I didn't have my face on yet, but at least we weren't late.

And I was dressed in real clothes, so that's progress.

This has been A.'s first year to go to PreK five days a week, for 3.5 hours each morning. She LOVES it and, I must confess, so do I.

But what have I done each day in those golden 3.5 hours of kidlet free time?

Let's see...

A bit of stamping and card making. I brought a few things down to our dining table to work on because my craft room is uninhabitable. Make sure you have had your shots before you enter. Clothes, bags and boxes of miscellany have taken over. I'm not brave enough to post a picture, but use your imagination. It's seriously embarrassing. Instead of tackling it, I'm still in the denial and avoidance phase right now. Once anger hits I'll get busy. Maybe.

Yesterday I watched this from Netflix. It was really good.

Have I vacuumed? No.
Laundry? Yes.
Reading? Yes.
Blogging? Yes.
Gone to the grocery store?Um...no. See...

We are getting by on milk, eggs yogurt and a few other basics. Very basic. I'm so proud.

I think I'm treating this first week of school as MY own little (selfish) vacation and I haven't wanted do do anything I didn't absolutely HAVE to do.

Obviously the appearance of me being a well-adjusted, mature grown-up has been a SHAM.

Now...when can I squeeze in that pedicure?


  1. Holly your blog is so much fun to read! I just love your sense of humor- I think we would be fast friends in the "real" world!

    This has been my first week of- mom has some school induced free time- & it's going about the same as yours.... but aaaah freedom- or at least- quiet, for a little while :)

    p.s. that A, she is so darn cute!

  2. what fun! I don't like to do the things I'm "supposed" to do when I get the chance, hey it's party time then!!

    we have thought about that Amazing Grace movie. will have to keep it as an option now that the olympics are over....

    oh, yeah, congrats on being early!! :)

  3. You deserve a little "me" time and what better time than during A.'s school!

  4. Oh, I need some of that precious time. My children are back to school in a week and I will be able to breathe without feeling like I will have to run another errand in the next minute. It has been a wonderful summer, thanks to our regular daily reading togther of Watership Down, thanks to you. We haven't finished it yet, but my kids are intent on finding out about General Woundwort, so we'll keep it up even after next week. I am a big fan of Amazing Grace.

  5. TJ: I'm so glad you and your children have enjoyed reading Watership Down together. That makes me feel better about the Bodacious Bloggity Book Club--I've felt a little ambivalent about it (and participation--even my own) lately, but you have lifted my spirits.

    Amazing Grace is very, very good. The possibility of one man, along with support, affecting such a huge change in abolishing the slave trade in Britain is so inspiring. It was interesting to learn more about him (William Wilberforce) and the whole effort.

    On another note, our shining example of timeliness seems to have expired. Sigh.
    But my tootsies are now atomic orange. It seemed appropriate.

  6. ok, so if things were anything other than like this, you would not be well-adjusted at all. :) and so you feel better, the state of my fridge is 3 shelves emptier than yours!!! aaaahhhh!!!
    i love that you're taking a mini vacation on your own. read, relax- chill out. things will get busy before you know it!


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