The Birthday: Act II

After all of the morning and early afternoon festivities, we continued the birthday celebration on into the evening. A. did not protest. You only turn FIVE once you know.

When Scott came home from work she got to open a few more presents. Aunt Jerry and Uncle Dan in Maine sent a cute little tote bag along with a savings bond. This time last year we visited Maine, and would love to go back. But I am NOT running that Half again.

A sweet friend from church gave A. something right up her alley. A box full of fun papers, gel pens, notepads and of course, envelopes. A. was thrilled! Thank you S.!

Soon it was time to walk over to Pappo and Miss Peggy's (they live two houses away) for a delicious spaghetti supper. And of course...more presents.

You should have heard her excited, although a bit high-pitched, squeal when she opened up High School Musical 2. We might should have checked the windows for cracks.

They also gave her a Barbie doll and a few sets of clothes. In A.'s book, they ROCK.

She put the sprinkles on herself along with the candles. Try to overlook the clump of rainbow sprinkles on one side. I did. It made me twitch, but I did.

After making a wish, blowing out the candles and trying to squeeze cake and ice cream in after spaghetti (no worries, we managed), it was time to call it a night.

Oh. I almost forgot. There was one last present. See?

Oh my.

The Final Act will take place soon, in the form of a small, simple party at our house, with some of her friends. This will be remembered as Polka-Dot-Polooza '08. Note to self: KISS--Keep It Simple Silly.


  1. oh my gosh what a GREAT birthday!!

    I can't wait to see the polka dot party- i think you are officially a rockin cool mom thanks to that pink guitar!!

  2. ...and the sprinkles overlook- that is hard to do. ;)

  3. Oh no... my neice is turning 7 in October and is dying for a guitar... I am not sure why? She would be so jealous. We won't tell her!

  4. What a great day all around!! You are such a special mom to make it such a special day for A! I can't wait to see and read about the polka-dot-polooza. It will be fantastic I'm sure!

    Holly, your pictures are always gorgeous...so clear and beautiful!

  5. Oh my gosh, that little guitar is adorable. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!

  6. what a day!! five is awesome! :)

  7. she is so adorable. I just want to squeeze those cheeks!

  8. Are you coming to see me in the 'ville??? You need to flee from IKE!!! Hurry!!! We can play games and stay up all night. You know how much we love slumber parties!

  9. Oh, man! That is ONE lucky birthday girl.

  10. Your Annelise is so darn cute!

    I've been thinking of you guys and hoping you are safe and sound with the storm heading your way!

  11. Oh Holly! I laughed outloud at your Tales from a Maine run!

    Might answer my question of whether I need to bring along my own thirst quencher Sunday morning! Nashville was great --- TONS of sidelines fuel. Not so sure our lesser-known Lewis & Clark marathon will be quite as well stocked. Or populated.

    We'll see!

    C-UTE birthday photos!

  12. holly are you okayin the storm? I am worried about you!!!!

  13. Holly - I know you live semi close to my sister. They seemed to weather the Ike, I was hoping you are well too. Is your electricity on? Let us know how you are - so we don't have to worry. Take care Holly!


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