Glitter Overload

Monday night I was giddy with anticipation as we turned on our DVR to watch the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars. The glitz, the cheese, the fake tan, oh...yeah, the dancing...we love it all.


After THREE nights*, my eyes have seen a tad too much. I'm officially on glitter overload.

I'm already a little disappointed too after last night's second elimination. Was it just me, or were you sad to see Ted McGinley leave too? And Cloris Leachman stay?

Ted seemed full of potential and class. At first I was rooting for Cloris, at 82 years old I thought it was wonderful for her to be active and be a part of the show. Then she opened her potty mouth and camped it up a bit too much. Not classy.

I had a fond spot for Cloris too because she is after all, Phyllis, Mary Tyler Moore's snobby neighbor from the 70s. Loved her. But she should not still be on DWTS.

It's still too early to tell a whole lot about the contestants. Brooke is on fire, Misty May has strength and grace, Maurice and Warren have potential. Lance gives me the heebs.

Should be a fun season. What do you think? Who are you rooting for?

*Thankfully 3 nights of DWTS was a one time thing for premiere week. Whew!


  1. i'm abstaining from Dancing this season. i am much happier to sit on the sofa watching Biggest Loser and eating oreos...

  2. i have never seen this show, but i must admit the commercial- you know, the one with the guys (i see it at the gym!) makes me giggle. i don't know why- i thought "perhaps i'm uncomfortable seeing these men shake their rumps" but then i realized i was more completely amused by it with a good dose of embarassment. :)
    i wish i could dance!
    and how much do i love the word "heebs"?!

  3. I had a little overload too and I have been counting the days down for weeks...

    Cloris Leachman has GOT TO GO!!!! She is on my nerves big time.

    I am rooting for Brooke or possibly the young guy from Hannah Montana- just because I really like his partner- the blonde who has won twice. I can't think of her name right now.

    The big football guy is pretty good too...

    I have been upset with the two that I have been eliminated so far. I know its all about a popularity contst but the old woman has got to go!!

  4. I've always been a big fan...but this season I haven't watched a single episode. Maybe when competition tightens up, I'll tune in.

  5. I have enjoyed the dancing part of the show in the past. But, we got a request from our 10 year old son to not watch it anymore because of all the scantily clad women! I was very proud of him. so, we honored his request and haven't watched it. I miss the dancing...not the glitter!

  6. I don't watch this show. I watched it one season, but found it painful to watch the celebrities fumbling their way around.


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