Ike, Whom I Did Not Like

Off and on throughout the day last Wednesday I watched the forecast of an unwelcome visitor making his way to the Texas Gulf Coast.
In the form of a hurricane.

His name was Ike.

This Ike, whom I did not like.

We did not want to evacuate (really, who does?), but the threat of the storm surge was very real since we live near a creek that Galveston Bay feeds into. Thursday morning a mandatory evacuation was issued for our zip code and several surrounding cities. Preparations were made around the house, bags were packed and the car was loaded. Thankfully, Peggy (my dad's wife) still has not sold her town home on the west side of Houston, so this was where we would weather out the storm.

At first it seems overwhelming to decide what to take with you when your home is threatened, although it's actually pretty simple.

Your family. Your memories (in the form of scrapbooks and pictures). A few changes of clothes. A few toys, books, games, snacks, and movies to pass the time.

Your pet.

And then you hit the road, Jack.

Thankfully, traffic was not too bad when we left Thursday around Noon. It got progressively worse throughout the day.

You also eat your last Tex-Mex for a while. Yes, this was mandatory, just like the evacuation.

Don't forget to make one last emergency trip to Target. Once again, you thank the $ Spot for all of its goodness.

Once the $ spot goodies grew old, there was a box of treasures that had belonged to Peggy's grandsons years ago. These were a hit with the small fry crowd, membership 1.

There was also some of this, enjoyed by all ages, while there was still power.

We played games (A. is now a Go-Fish--watch out Las Vegas) and kept our eyes glued to the constant news coverage until either power was lost or our eyes glazed over.

Hurricane Ike hit land Friday night, devastating parts of Galveston and its surrounding beach communities. Ike was considered a Category 2 hurricane, but its winds and resulting storm surge were incredibly powerful.

Sunday afternoon we ventured out to see how our little neighborhood weathered the storm.

Our front yard.

Oh. Yes. That's our neighbor's pine tree leaning on our house, with its roots pitifully exposed. Thankfully, it did not damage our house. At least not yet.

Our back yard looks much like our front with plenty of tree branches and general debris.

Annelise was heart broken to see her play set after Ike came over to play...

He did not play nice nor did he respect the property of others, did he?

This Ike, whom I did not like.

We also have a bit of roof damage (missing shingles, not too extensive) and rain must have blown in by our back family room doors because our wood floors are buckling. Deep, deep sigh.

In the grand scheme of things however, we feel very fortunate. Our shingles can be replaced, our floors can be repaired, our yard can be cleaned up. We weathered the storm with family and enjoyed our time together. We were safe. We had plenty to eat and drink. We did not have to visit a POD (Point of Distribution for water, MREs and ice). We had gasoline. Electricity was restored (huge happy dance).

Just about a week after our mandatory vacation (sorry, no postcards) we returned home this afternoon.

Home feels good.

But that Ike, still, I do not like.


  1. i'm so glad you're safe!!! wow- what a storm. that did some serious damage- and wait, didn't you just have your floors redone- for the 2nd time?! holy cow. i do not envy you in your post-storm recovery, but i will definitely praying that it's quick.
    bad boy, ike...bad boy.

  2. Jen: Good memory, yes we had our floors repaired this summer. This will be #3. Maybe we are not supposed to have wood...

    Really though, our damage is minimal compared to how soooo many in this area have fared. Ike was a bad, bad boy.

  3. I'm glad you are back to take your home under your wing and nurse it back to health. Things just don't seem right until you can get back into your home.

    Any electricity yet? We got our last night. Did you hear us yelling?

    Sorry about the floors! Bummer!!

  4. Oh Holly! I have been wondering about you. My sister lives in Cypress and I know that you weren't far from her. I am so glad that your home weathered the storm, your electricity back on - and a cute poem to boot.

    Tonight, in our nightly prayers I asked that you would be safe and that you weathered the storm. My girls said - who's Holly mommy? Now, I will have to show them their post and tell them once again that God does answer our prayers.

    So glad you are safe - take care Holly!

  5. I've been thinking about you all week. I'm so glad it did not hit you harder. And that you didn't lose power. Or at least not right now... Your neighborhood is so gorgeous. I'm so glad that the majority of the trees were ok.

    Darn hardwood floors...

  6. Thank God you are okay.

    I am so sorry about the damage. I know the most important stuff is in tact but it's still hard, I'm sure. xo

  7. oh, i know how frustrating a mandotory vacation can be, especially when you get home and things are, a-hem, not as you left them.

    so glad you are safe!

  8. Thank you all very much for your prayers, thoughts and kind words. It's so uplifting.

    We are so thankful that our damage truly is minimal. Many, many families along the coast have lost everything.

    I'm also thankful we had a place to go that was safe during the storm and the days soon after.

  9. Glad you are okay! I love the picture of all your photo albums and scrapbooks piled in the backseat!

    Ike was not a friendly visitor but I am glad the damage was not any worse.

  10. Oh holly!! I was thinking/praying for you too-
    K- just let me say- YOUR HOUSE= SO cute even with tree limbs everywhere.

    you have a great perspective- I'm so glad you're back home & okay :)

  11. What a mess! So glad you and the fam are safe! I didn't realize you were so close to the storm. You have such a great attitude!


  12. I'm so sorry about your mess from Ike! That is so frustrating. But may I say that your house is AWESOME. I want more pictures when you de-Ike it.

  13. I'm so sorry about the damage. I have a friend in Houston who still isn't back in her house. They are anticipating another 2-3 weeks before electricity is restored.

    At least you are looking on the bright side of things. You have your family. That's ALL that matters!

  14. So glad you came out of it safe and sound! When I saw your front yard, I just thought, 'those poor trees'. They must have been so beautiful! And A.'s playhouse, how sad for her. But, it is times like these when we remember why we are here and what is most important to us. I love that you saw that and that you see how blessed you really are! Thanks for that sweet post! I think you're great!

  15. I was wondering how you guys weathered the weather. (lame, I know.)

    I'm so happy that tree didn't do much damage.

    Our neighborhood looks like a war zone...still.

    We did great. No damage at all. A few shingles just need to be reattached.

    Poor A's playground.

    There's a POD a few miles away from us. I'm so glad we didn't have to go. The lines were (are) horrendous and the people there look exhausted.

    1/2 our neighborhood still doesn't have power. We do. I am thankful

  16. wow scary... glad you and your family are safe and made it through. Our thoughts are with you as you repair the damages. Hang in there.

  17. Oh my! Holly! I'm so glad you guys are okay and didn't have too much damage! Hugs!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Holly,

    I have been thinking of you and the gang! I feel bad that I am the number 17th comment! I should have been number 1!!!! We have explained to K. that A.'s house was ok, but there was a tree on it! He has been sending up prayers for sweet A. and her playset!
    We love you all and I am soo glad you are back home. I am looking forward to our camping trip and our late night catch up sessions!

  20. Your postcard comment cracked me up - Luci actually wanted to look for post-cards for Whiteny (Jill's daughter) who is her pen-pal when we evacuated to Arkansas for Gustav. She couldn't get it that I wasn't in exactly a good mail type of mood. (We did not buy any.)


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