It's a Fine Balance Between Love and Hate

Thanks to the lower humidity and cooler temps, yesterday's long run was all about the love.

Saturday morning, starting at 5:15, was pure magic. All of those runs slugging through the murky stew of humidity and heat were a distant memory. This was how running should be.

If I could sing, and been near hills, I would have pretended to be Maria. It was that nice.
Even playing chicken with a golf cart did not deter me.

That's the thing with running, and a box of chocolates.

How is your relationship with running?


  1. right now~i'm indifferent b/c i can't seem to get out to run! love the video though

  2. i broke up with running at the beginning of summer. he still calls. a lot.

    maybe i'll answer soon...

  3. Love this video Holly! Very inspiring. Thanks!

  4. I am just getting back into after a lazy summer. Running is a hard task master and very unforgiving.

  5. I LOVE that commercial. The first time I saw it, it made me cry. I might have been a little PMSing, but still. Excellent commerical.

    Running is my long-time lover. We will never break up. I'd see him every day, if possible.

  6. I love this commercial! Maybe after watching it today I'll be motivated to get my post-partum, pregnant-chubby BUTT out for a good autumn run!

  7. I love commercials like this, I just wish they'd push me over the edge far enough to make me do something!

    My relationship with running is basically nil. It would be nice to feel like I COULD run if I wanted to do so.

  8. Another 13.1 come Sunday morning bright and early! Wish me luck!


    And the weather HERE - is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S., too!!! PERFECT for running!

  9. Karin: I'm green with envy about your weather! I think the lower temps & drier air last week were just a terrible tease. We'll have to wai a few more weeks for consistently less muggy weather.


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