Saturday Stew

Although not a literal stew, because that would involve going to the grocery store. As you can see...

I have been avoiding that task. I'm sure the stores are better stocked now that it's a week past our visit from Ike, but I'm still wary. Therefore, we seem to be existing on cereal, soup, sandwiches, grapes and Gatorade.

I promise I'll go soon. Maybe.

In other Ike news, after three full days of work and combined efforts of four male neighbors, four chainsaws{Scott was secretly thrilled to need to purchase one}, one front end loader, two wheelbarrows, two tractors with trailers, several rakes and plenty of male sweat and effort, four yards along our street look a world-a-betta. {I'll post pictures soon.}

Also in Ike news, we have discovered more water damage to our wood floors. Along with the family room, we have buckling in our foyer near the front door and in a room upstairs that also has two french doors. The intense force of the rain and its angle must have blown in through each of those doors. I am seriously questioning our commitment to wood floors.

I am also considering large rugs and calling it a day.

Moving along.

As we hurriedly packed for our hurricavacation, I realized a little something else I was grateful for...

my Cropper Hopper. I must clarify though. I bought this delight on sale at Hobby Lobby, oh, let's say two or three years ago, with the intention of organizing our photos. Key word: intention. Finally, in a moment of utter frustration with myself, I ordered slews of our pictures that had been whispering to me from SmugMug, with the intention of scrapbooking them. Key word: intention.


Even though I have not gotten them into scrapbooks yet, I DID organize them in my Cropper Hopper.

When it was time to go, it was so easy to grab it, pack it, and dash. This made me happy.

I must admit I have been a bit all over the emotional board lately, tending to level off somewhere between cranky and blah. After more than a week of no school for A., an evacuation and a hurricane, stress and boredom eating, no running, no naps for A., I must confess I have not been at my emotional finest. I know, I know, WAAAAH. {May I cry you a river after you peel me a grape?}

I may also have been overheard saying to A. yesterday, "Stop following me, I'm going to the bathroom."

And I did. not. say. please.

Sorry A.

The Lord's mercies were thankfully renewed this morning AND I went for a run with my group as the sun rose. This return to normalcy was MUCH appreciated. By my family too. Trust me.

This afternoon I piddled around and finally put a little scrapbook together for A.'s illustrious dance career {all of two years, this is her third}. It's small and simple, but she loves it already. I'm hoping this scrapbook fever will last a while. My Cropper Hopper is whispering to me now.

8x8 is one of my favorite scrapbook sizes to do, I suppose it doesn't seem as intimidating. Plus it's a great size for a themed book and it's a good size for kidlets to enjoy.

The last couple of nights I've been escaping with this BBC delight...

Have you seen it? I plan on reading the book at some point, but went for immediate period romance gratification and started with the DVD first. Mr. Thornton { played by Richard Armitage} is difficult, but oh so dreamy.

I am such a sucker for anything BBC-A&E-Merchant & Ivory.

Finally, it is my sad duty to report that due to Ike we had to cancel Polka-Dot-Polooza 2008 {The Birthday: Act III}. A. seems to understand. Well, actually I think she has forgotten. Shhh...don't remind her.


  1. Ugh! Sounds like a sure recipe for the funk. Enjoy your movie and some time alone!

    (and I can TOTALLY relate the the bathroom demands. Can't I just pee in peace? SHEESH!)

  2. after what you've gone through lately, you are totally justified in your stew! :) man- i would come and peel your grapes AND cry you a river (and brave the grocery store) for you if i could!!! :) i'm glad you got to go running- there's something emotionally cleansing and healing about it.

  3. so glad things are returning to *normal.*

    i sort of like seeing a fridge that empty. it beckons for fun fall food planning - kind of like a clean slate :)

  4. Jen: Thanks girl. I feel guilty about my grumpy mood--we haven't had the hardships others are facing, but I am looking forward to the return of a normal routine. And a normal running schedule--that seems to keep the demons at bay.

    Lelly: You know, it felt pretty good to clean it out and wash up the shelves--that needed to be done anyway. So I guess I need to thank Ike for that after all.

  5. So sorry to hear about your wood floors. Man--didn't you just get those fixed?! Definitely not fair. I'm glad to hear that y'all did stay safe from the storm, though. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  6. oh holly- what a week!

    I can't even imagine... I need to get so many things in order, but especially my moodiness.

    I like the fridge photo too- with all the money your saving on groceries you can buy more cropper hoppers ;)

  7. it was weird having a completely empty fridge and freezer!! I went to the store on Friday. They have many items, but not everything; no frozen stuff (except bluebell which is "local") my son's friend works at HEB and reminded me that they are still on generators and no frozen stuff....

  8. Holly ---

    I knew I liked you from the start (fellow Golden owner!)

    Glad you seemed to weather the storm well enough --- I am WAY impressed by how clean that fridge is!

    Great reading list! Can't believe you find time to run, read, scrap, AND blog! WOW!

  9. I hear ya! We called ours a "hurrication" and I'm glad it's over! I will really feel like it's over when the waste company finally picks up the debris pile in my yard that is so huge it blocks the driveway.

    Restocking the fridge after Gustav was no small chore. We held our breath when Ike came along soon after.

    I am so sorry about your floors, it really just plain stinks.

  10. Missed you at church and Melys..hope you are feeling better.

    Love ya!

  11. We have the same fridge. That looks my LG side by side. Is it? Although I finally put some groceries in mine last week after going bare. But I didn't have a hurricane for an excuse. I hope you are recovering and your house is on the mend. We do wood, too. It seems from your Good Reads updates that you are reading, reading, reading. I wish I could too. Thanks for that other list about the 100 books. I might use that at the end of the month to wrap up my challenge for a lifetime pursuit reading list.

  12. Glad you're getting out from under your mess! Too bad hubby had to buy a chainsaw. LOL That was cute.

    Cute scrapbook! Will you do mine for me?? (jk)

    Hey! I'm doing a giveaway! Stop by again, soon. :o)

  13. The scrapbook is a huge accomplish, especially amidst the other craziness going on. Sorry about having to cancel A. b-day celebration. What a good sport she is!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that you were affected by Ike. My man's family evacuated from Galveston area and came to stay with us. Your fridge looks like mine right now. :) After 3 weeks of different guests I'm kind of enjoying not having to cook or clean.


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