SPT: Because of a Blogger

Once again, Lelly has inspired me (I am not really surprised by this). If you haven't already, be sure to check out her challenges for SPTs during September. After missing several weeks of SPTs this summer, I am thrilled to be jumping back in to the fun.

The amazing community of bloggers is constantly causing my jaw to drop, my brain to whirl, emergency trips to Hobby Lobby planned and my creative to-do list to grow longer. There may even be drooling. Shhhh...don't tell.

Some of the drooling is caused by this, this nest, this one too, and this new find.

I want to rummage in thrift stores, sew aprons/holiday pillowcases/curtains/quilts, spray paint frames and furniture black, knit, make interesting decorative arrangements on my mantle/table/shelves/armoire top/walls/side tables and change them out seasonally, make silhouettes of our family (or at least our hands), make a wall arrangement out of framed fabrics or papers, and on and on. And on.

Of course I am paralyzed by the sheer enormity of the things I want to do, so therefore I do nothing.

Maybe it's kismet, but Lelly's challenges this month seems to have lit a creative spark and I feel ready to try some of the projects. I know!

My plan is to start small, with things I can easily do. Chris at Just a Girl (she has all kinds of decorative ideas) and Kristin of We are THAT Family have inspired me to put cute things under glass, because we all know glass sets the most simple things off and adds a touch of wow.

Things under glass. This I can do.

I don't have a cloche (it's on The List), and I can't find my large jar (I think I packed it away last Fall--I did put gourds in it though), but I do have this on hand.

Hmmm...it needs a little something. Obviously. What should I put under it?

I realize I am cheating somewhat with this SPT, since I haven't actually done anything yet. I am after all, a creative work in progress that is easily distracted. Is there a 12-step program for this?

Be sure to pop over to Lelly's blog to see everyone's creative twists on this week's challenge.


  1. Some cute mini pumpkins would look adorable...I'm waiting for them to come out at the grocery store so I can snatch some up myself.

    I brought out my cloche just this past weekend in thoughts of this week's SPT. It's been fun being creative again. I'd been away from SPT's for far too long.

    What ever you choose to display...let us see!

  2. I feel the same way. There are so many good ideas out there, and I have such good intentions, I just tend to lag on the follow-through. I'm sure you will think of something great to put under there.

  3. uhmmmm...speaking of 12 steps - you have now given me like FOUR NEW BLOGS TO READ!! and, i am now frantically searching for something to decorate the top shelf of my laundry room with :)

  4. no worried, you'll find something!!

  5. If you ever find that 12 step program, my husband would be much abliged if you send it on my way!


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