5,10,15,20...er, make that 18

Little conversation yesterday with A. about my run:
Me: "Can you guess how many miles I'm going to run in the morning?"
A.:"No. Um...five?" (Since she is five of course.)
Me: Slight gulp. "20 miles."
A.: Look of surprise. "Aw, Mom, that's a long way! Don't worry, if you can't do it, just come on home. But good luck on your run."

Thanks sweetie.

Here's how it went down:

Up at 4:00 for toast with almond butter, liberal application of Body Glide, stretching and foam roller visit, bleary-eyed drive to high school. Hit the road at 5:30.
Blinky light, small flashlight-check, GUs pinned to fuel belt-check, mental mojo-questionable.

I prayed off and on during the first 5-6 miles under the stars, turned on the ipod (huge crush on Jesse McCartney's song Leavin' ) for the remainder. GU at mile 5 and 11. Wondered where was the promised cool front. Prayed again at mile 17. Cheered by the sight of Scott and Annelise driving by to check on me. Really wanted to get in the car. Jogged in to the high school parking lot to the sounds of the marching band practicing. I considered this highly appropriate. I'm sure they scheduled that just for me.

I was hoping to finish 20 miles, but packed it in at 18. That works for me. And my legs. (Surely I can pull out 8 more on race day. Surely. Right???)

Now I am officially entering my taper. The Marine Corps Marathon is 22 days away!!!

Squeal! And gulp.


  1. Holly! Good job! My marathon is this Sunday! I "only" did 18 miles as well. we'll both be just fine. You're right, *gulp*. Eeek!!

  2. I say that is a great great job. Don't ever push your limits past what you can. I know that whatever you accomplish is more than alot of people could dream of. You go girl.

  3. Those missing two miles today won't have any impact in three weeks. You'll do great!! My half is in two weeks. EEK!!

  4. Congrats to you!! 18 is WONDERFUL!! And yep, I bet the marching band was just for you!!

  5. I'm super impressed! I don't have the intestinal fortitude to make myself get up at 4:00am to go running, in the dark, by myself for soooo long. How do you do it?!

  6. Good luck! 4AM is insanely early. You are very dedicated.

  7. hey....I cheered for you....did you hear me?? You did a wonderful job! I am so proud of you. I saw the marching band when I passed by....how funny! You are more than ready form the Marine Corps Marathon...

  8. Wow, that is so great! I think it is SOOO sweet that you were checked in on by Scott and A. Also, it was so nice of the band to play for you!

  9. The silence you hear is the sound of me bowing at your feet with awe and respect. Seriously. You go, girl!

  10. eighteen is just fine. trust me. you have put in the work, and your feet will know what to do come race day. how exciting! and seriously, 4 am?! you didn't run that whole long run at the high school track, did you?!!!

    good job + good luck!

  11. My mom and I are running the Marine Corps too, and I've been waiting for some updates on your training. Way to go! I don't get up that early--talk about dedication. She lives in IN, I live in OH, so we talk about each run before and after they happen so we feel like we're training "together!" Good luck these next few weeks.


  12. Okay, I think it may have been closer to 4:15, to get ready (contacts take a while that early, Body Glide body parts and Vaseline up the feet), eat, stretch a bit, last potty break, etc.

    With that many miles--for a turtle like me--I have to start early since it still gets warm once the sun comes up.

    The group I run with meets at the high school and we leave from there to run different routes in the area.

    I've heard of long distances being run on a track, but I don't think I could do that. I need the distraction of scenery.

    Jill: if you had told me 2.5 years ago I would be doing this, I could not have wrapped my brain around it either. Me? No way. But, over time it has become a huge part of my life. I could not imagine NOT running. As for intestinal fortitude, well, you learn to avoid certain things before a long run, plan routes with gas stations and races thankfully have port-a-potties.

  13. way to go holly! you are doing great! and that band was the perfect touch to an early morning workout!! :)

  14. Holly- YOU are MY HERO!! You are amazing- You can easily pack in those extra 8-


  15. i am incredibly jealous! you are going to do great- you'll make it. you have experience under your belt and this will be a great marathon. :)
    wish i could have run your last training run with you!
    by the way, that post on the letters is fantastic.

  16. 8 more miles...no problem! You'll be on an adrenaline-race-day-high!

  17. 18 miles is awesome. You've made it VERY far - and will do great in 22 days. I'll be thinking of you and sending strong leg vibes your way. :)

  18. Stop it. I feel like such a slug! Wish you could burn calories for the both of us.

  19. I'm uber impressed! Really.

    I can't even dream of running that many miles.

    Good luck in 22 days. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  20. You are so awesome Holly! If you can do 18 you can absolutely do 8 more!

  21. 8 more miles...sure you can that finish line will be there and makes almost anything possible. No worries..Note never has even thought of running a marathon so just ignore me, but seriously enjoy your taper MCM will be a blast!


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