A Bit of Willy and Nilly

Sometimes I really strike out at this motherhood gig. Take Friday when A's class went on a field trip to the fire station. I misjudged how traumatic not riding with her friends for five minutes could be. Let me tell you, it's detrimental to a five year old.

The drama boils down to the fact I didn't arrange to carry a few of her classmates in our car. I know! Driving with me alone apparently borders on cruelty .

Lesson learned. Will sign up to chauffeur a few friends when we go to the pumpkin patch this Friday. Whee.

Nothing a plastic hat, bag of fireman goodies and an up close tour of a fire truck can't solve though.

While the kids watched a little movie about firemen and ate popcorn, the moms were instructed on proper fire extinguisher use. Yeah, I wanted to bang my head against the wall after, oh...2 minutes. There were two camps of moms: those asking questions and participating in the actual use of said fire extinguishers and then there was the other camp. Do you need to guess which one I was in? I kept kicking myself for not bringing my book, but then I wasn't quite sure how I could have slinked away unnoticed.

Saturday morning involved a birthday party at the park for one of her school friends.

I earned a few Cool Mom Points for taking her.

In other news, I bailed on my scheduled long run yesterday. I ended up being disappointed in myself, but strangely stubborn about getting ready at 5:00 am. I tried to appease my inner slacker by running 5 miles last night. At least it was something.

I am not sure if I can run enough though to counter attack the quantities of these being baked:

Ever since the first day of fall I have been overcome with the baking bug. Whether brownies or pumpkin cookies, my motto seems to be bake, eat, repeat.

Thanks to Netflix, I am falling in love with another TV series:

I've only seen the first two episodes so far, but am head over heels about it anyway. It's quirky, sweet, original, funny, clever, and so forth. I pretty much liked it immediately, but episode 2 hooked me further with the use of willy-nilly and Kristin Chenoweth singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You." Yes, they had me at willy-nilly.

Have you had a willy-nilly weekend?


  1. I made those brownies JUST today! YUM SCRUM!

  2. HHHOOOLLLYYY....I love Pushing Daisies, too....who knew...hahahaha!

  3. I can't believe they tried to teach the moms at the fire station! I would have been with you on that field trip, for sure.

    I've never seen that show but now I want to check it out. :)

  4. oh, you should soooo be at the hotel when i teach fire extinguisher 101!!

  5. I had me a not-so-good mom moment myself Friday. Mine was worse than yours, though. :-) You didn't actually do anything wrong!

    UGH! I have field trip duty on Wed. NOT so much excited about that. Maybe I'll bring a book.

  6. Oh, too funny. And here I had it all in my mind that you were running your marathon on Saturday at the same time as Kristi!! Silly me. :o)

    oh field trips are so great. Brave woman!

  7. Oh the field trip!!?? it's rough stuff- good for you for going & making it through it-
    when is the race?

  8. Eeeek--it's in about 12 days--Sunday the 26th!!!

    I JUST realized I'll be running 26 miles on the 26th. Appropos no?

  9. ha ha- how many times have i been "bad mommy"? :)
    take it easy- you're tapering. no big whoop. :) wahoo!!! 26 comin' up. i so wish i was running. it kills me.
    and brownies. see- just one more reason to run a marathon- guilt free indulgence. run with it, holly- run with it.

  10. Chloe and I love "Pushing Daisies", we're so glad it's back on.

  11. I think we should do a poll and find out just how many moms are going to the fire station this week and pumpkin patch next week! (And why are we paying big $$ tuition just so we are subjected to this "privilege"?)

    Love, PMS-Gab

  12. Love Kristin Chenoweth. Haven't yet watched Pushing Daisies, but have seen her on tv and Broadway, she's awesome. Thx for the clip!


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