Marathon Bird Goes to Washington

Soon. Very soon.

This time next week we will be flying the friendly skies north to our nation's capitol. We have a few things on our Absolutely Must Do & See List already. Let's take a peek...

We will arrive Thursday afternoon and will be staying in Old Town Alexandria. I don't know much about this quaint city, but it looks charming. Well, at least on the Internet.

Friday morning we will tour the White House. I know! I am beside myself with glee.

We want to tour as many of the memorials that we can.

We are still waiting to see if we can get passes to tour the U.S. Capitol. Fingers crossed.

Sunday of course I will busy doing this. I am so excited because the course passes by many of the important landmarks and sights. I think it will be a wonderful, however slightly exhausting, way to tour DC.

We also want to visit Union Station, the US Postal Museum, the Washington Monument, the Zoo and tour Old Town Alexandria. Scott and I have each visited DC before, although not together, and not with a child. Right now we don't have a ton of things on our list because I just don't know what DC with a five year old will be like. Some things she will be interested in, and some others we probably just won't bother with until she is older. Yet, we DO want to see and do as much as we can while we are there. We arrive Thursday and will leave Tuesday morning, so we have roughly 4 days in the DC area.

So, without further yada, yada, yada, here is where your part comes in: What should we add to our list of Absolutely Must Do & See in DC?

Help. Please. And I'm begging.


  1. How is it that you're still waiting to hear if you can get passes to tour the Capitol yet you've gotten a tour to the White House? Seems backwards to me. Who are you going through for those tickets? The Capitol was always the easiest tour to book (and I should know, I was the tour scheduler when I worked in the Senate); if you haven't already, try your Senators and Congressman. Most offices offer two tours a day.

    You should definitely see the monuments at night. The best way to see them in my opinion. The Einstein statue is always fun. It's on Constitution on the grounds of the National Science Foundation (?)

    You should also see this blogger I know who's also running MCM. Her name is Anne and she's AWESOME! ;)

  2. Oh, you should also eat at Ben's Chili Bowl, but probably not right before the race...

  3. We were surprised too about getting White House tour passes--but thrilled!! We asked through our senator's office for both tours. I hope it works out for the Capitol tour as well.

    I SO want to eat at Ben's Chili Bowl--but I think I'd better save that for Sunday night or Monday. Don't want chili distress during the race! :)

    I'd like to meet that awesome blogger named Anne too!

  4. ok, so yes- you NEED to meet anne! she rocks and will be a fantastic asset to getting to know dc! what a fun trip!!!! i've heard of this chili bowl place....must go there myself sometime.
    have you seen the everything pink blog? i think you have- but kristi is a good dc resource, too. :) anne knows her!!!

  5. Holocaust Museum. AMAZING.

    Also, I know you are not LDS, but the LDS temple in Kensington, Maryland is incredible. They have an amazing visitor's center and the whole place is gorgeous.

  6. That's really neat that you are going there! That's where I grew up! I remember going to the Smithsonian on a few field trips and I graduated high school at Constitution Hall! Everything was much different back then ~ wow, was it really 20-30 years ago? That makes me feel old!

    Smithsonian is a MUST! And if you can get down to Monticello, it would be so worth it and right up your ally! Wow, so many choices there. Bet, Kristi would know good things to do with a five year old!!

  7. Um...shopping in Georgetown? That's a MUST! HA!
    I interned in DC when I was in college and we were regulars there!!
    No really you have to visit the Smithsonians where they have all of the presidental wives' gowns!!

  8. i'm sure this is already in your plans but you could always meet up with Pink Kristi~

    Have a great time!!!! Did you run a marathon this past weekend?

  9. This sounds like it will be a great trip. Kristi's blog is full of great information about what to do in D.C., check it out.

  10. Back in my other life, as a teacher, I went to DC as a chaperone for fifth graders three times and loved each trip. Arlington Cemetary, the memorials, the National History museum and the children's part of the Holocaust museum were probably my favorite sights.

    I think the National History(Smithsonian) museum is closed right now. We'll think about taking A. to the children's exhibit at the Holocaust museum. I don't know if we will attempt too many other museums, we'll play that by ear.

    Autumn: the big race is the 26th--eeek!

    Thanks for the ideas---keep em coming...:)

  11. We went in may with a 5 year old (then 4) and 7 year old and it is totally do-able! Union Station and the shopping there was Luci's favorite and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was Griffin's favorite. We all liked the Postal Museum. We also went to the National Cathedral, which would be a must for you on my list. The kids really enjoyed that outing too - taking the subway, and since we are Episcopalian they really got a kick out of the cathedral. I wish I had prepared my kids more for all of the FILTH and homelessness there. My kids were very upset by it and I wish we had discussed it at home 1st, so sad.

  12. I really don't have any input as far as things to see, but I'm interested in reading the comments because we're planning to take our summer vacation in DC next year. I have heard the momuments are night are the way to go. Can't wait to hear all about your trip and your RUN! Good luck! I know you'll do great.

  13. I live in the DC Metro area and there are so many things to see. Most of them are free. Monuments at night are a must. The Newsuem and Spy Museum are great buty you must pay. Holocaust is another good one. There are a lot of great places to eat and see in Georgetown. Have a great time. I will be saying a prayer for you!!

  14. I live in the DC Metro area and there are so many things to see. Most of them are free. Monuments at night are a must. The Newsuem and Spy Museum are great buty you must pay. Holocaust is another good one. There are a lot of great places to eat and see in Georgetown. Have a great time. I will be saying a prayer for you!!

  15. The Spy Museum is kind of cool. The Holocaust Museum is also very interesting, but I don't know that I would take a 5 year old.

    Good Luck with the marathon! I'm impressed.

  16. It will be BEAUTIFUL this time of year! Take one of those double-decker bus tours where you can "hop on and hop off"...you'll see and learn a ton, and A can nap between stops. Have fun, runner babe!

  17. Thanks everyone! (But keep on sharing too...)

    Yesterday we got confirmation for our Capitol tour, for Monday AM, so everything worked out. Hooray!

  18. Old Town Alexandria is adorable. Have fun! I think you have the best sites covered.

  19. Holly, I wish I could help you regarding Washington but I know nothing about it. I could tell you stuff about Washington STATE though, but not much! It's only a 20 min drive south from our house!
    Remember, don't stress your muscles out this last week (like for instance -play a soccer game when you haven't played in ten years...hmmmmm)
    Good luck!

  20. Only "slightly exhausting?" Sister, YOU are in good shape.

    Good luck!

    My brother lived in DC for law school...I'll ask him for tourism tips.

  21. Glad they were able to get you in for a capitol tour. Yay! If only I was still there, I'd sneak you down to Washington's tomb to see Abe Lincolns catafalque. Sadly it's off limits to tours. :( When you're in the rotunda, try to convince your tour guide to lay on the ground and take a picture of you guys with the ceiling. That was one of my favorite things to do, and it makes for a very cool photo.

    It's been very very chilly here at night. Make sure you guys bring warm clothing!

    If you guys are going to do a driving tour, might I suggest DC Ducks?? A would probably love that!

  22. Wow - I've missed you! I lost you for a bit and had to Google marathon and flamingo and then tried flamingo and marathon combinations aplenty!

    Have a great trip!!!

    No tips on DC, though, haven't been there since I was a child...

    God Bless,

  23. Wow...this trip sounds great. Air & Space might be a good one to try. i think we might wait one more year before we head off there with the little ones...Then they will be 3 & 5. mere was there when she was 3 moths...probably doesn't remember much ;)

  24. Oh my gosh- You can't go to washington without meeting Kristi & Anne!!!!

    Does Kristi know you are coming??

    my husband's grandparents lived in Alexandria. It is beaufiful. I agree the monuments at night are breath taking especially the new WWII & the Korean War. They are not far apart & just down from the Lincoln Memorial.


  25. I can imagine that you are already done with all of this - but I would definately hit right across the border and see Mount Vernon and old towne alexandria - really neat places! Have fun!


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