SPT: What Do the Numbers Reveal?

For SPT this month, Lelly asked us to explain specific items on our 100 lists. Just about a year ago I reached my 200th post (I forgot to make a *thing* about my 100th post, oops) and created a list of 200 tidbits about lil' old me. And the crowd went wild.

Anyway. They are posted, in convenient clusters of 50, on my sidebar if you are so inclined to peruse at your leisure. Or for nighttime reading when insomnia strikes.

My #7 is, "We never moved when I was a child either."

Clearly this makes no sense out of context. No, we were not a sedentary family per se. Let's take a peek at #4, "I live on the same street I grew up on."

Ah-ha! That makes more sense now.

My parents bought a house on a certain street when they were newly married. Soon after I joined the family, my grandparents moved their house to an empty lot close to my parents. Got it?

I love that picture of me, an almost bald baby sitting on my grandfather's lap on his little red tractor. That picture was taken the day their house was moved. I grew up believing that he and I moved their house with his tractor.

Needless to say it was wonderful growing up two houses away from my grandparents. My dad still lives here too.

There are 11 houses on our street. It's not a subdivision, just a street. I begged and pleaded to move to a subdivision like my friends, of course we never did. There was a brief discussion of moving once.

To a house further down the street. We never did.

Our street has changed over the years. People have moved in and out, others have passed away. Old houses have been torn down or moved and new houses have been built in their spots.

Yes, our street is technically considered a...

But that's okay. It's pretty quiet that way.

I'm pretty happy living on the street I grew up on.

It's home.

Be sure to visit Lelly's blog to read about other number 7s.


  1. What a tresure to live on the same street forever. From the looks of it, I wouldn't move away either!

  2. What a great story! Your house could NOT look any homier!

  3. i love this!

    i remember moving from small town to suburban DC in high school. i was SO EXCITED to move into a subdivision.

    yeah, that novelty wore off pretty quickly.

    your house is beautiful!

  4. My daughter Shayla wants to know, "Is that their WHOLE house?!?" ;o)

  5. That is so neat that you live on the same street as you grew up on - it must be very comforting. I'm not sure I could handle living way out in the country where I grew-up, but it would be itneresting to try!

  6. "there's no place like home".. Dorthoy Gale...

    So much comfort you must have, I do envy you.

  7. Holly, what a beautiful home you have! And what a great baby photo :)

    I could not live on the same street as my mother or my mother-in-law (it would not be a happy, homey street!) but I wish that I had that kind of family--this is a great story!

  8. When I go home, to my childhood home, I always think about the great front porch. How we would sit on it during rainstorms, spit watermelon seeds from the top step to see who could spit the farthest and just sit and talk on the swing. It isn't as big as your porch. I love your porch! I tell my kids when they grow up they have to buy me a front porch for my birthday and I would want it to look like yours!!

  9. You house if B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. and looks just like something out of storybook. As for moving? Hey, I think you have just described the perfect idea. Now, A just needs to start planning her house next door.

  10. Your street looks great and it's wonderful that you love it so much.

  11. Your home is beautiful! I grew up on a dead end street too. I loved it. Such wonderful memories were made there.


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